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eCommerce Order Fulfillment: Process and Optimization

Guide To eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Customer expectations regarding order delivery and the cost of shipping are changing drastically, thanks to the retail giants like Amazon who offer same-day or one-day delivery. Consumers, today, want everything immediately. But what about sellers? How are they supposed to meet those demands? It’s a lot easier said than done.

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Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Need Live Chat In 2021

eCommerce Business Live Chat

With eCommerce rising high like a volcano, setting a footprint is crucial than ever. Trends come and go but it’s important to know which ones are worth investing in. Live chat has been here for a long but not many businesses are aware of its advantages. In this article, we will see how live chat isn’t just another trend that comes and goes, rather it is here to stay and benefit businesses worldwide.

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