Amazon Product Description Writing Services

Unique Amazon Product Description Writing Services

Engaging and detailed product descriptions can make your products rank well on the Amazon search engine which can ultimately boost your sales figures. Detailed product descriptions not only increase the visibility of your products on Amazon but also ensure that you are able to attract and engage a larger target audience. But creating unique and detailed product descriptions can be really challenging at times. The major challenge while creating the product descriptions can be converting existing raw information into content that can add value to your product and can help your potential customers make quick purchasing decisions. Creating product descriptions can be best handled by professionals as it requires expertise and is time-consuming.

As online shoppers can not touch the products physically and are rather dependent upon the images and the product descriptions to get detailed insights, we at Data4eCom provide effective Amazon product description writing services to help eCommerce entrepreneurs bridge the gap between product catalog and sales. We have a dedicated team of professional Amazon product description copywriters on board that is specifically trained to create original, persuasive, and precise product descriptions for your Amazon store. Also, product descriptions created by our experts will be as per the rules and guidelines set by Amazon, so that your potential customers can differentiate your products from thousands offered by competitors, and can make quick purchasing decisions.

With our SEO copywriting services, we optimize the product descriptions with relevant and mostly-searched keywords, ensuring that the copy is optimized for Google as well as Amazon’s internal search engine to help you rank higher, drive traffic, and increase product sales. Our experts also update the content at regular intervals to ensure that the descriptions are accurate and up-to-date. Our Amazon product description writers have expertise in creating product descriptions for almost every industry including apparel & accessories, electronic equipment, jewellery, gifts & toys, furniture, healthcare, luxury watches, baby products, etc.

Key Features of Our Amazon Product Description Writing Services

The product descriptions created by our professional copywriters include the following:

  • Unique and Engaging Product Titles

    Unique and Engaging Product Titles

    As part of Amazon product description writing services, our copywriters create original, to-the-point, and engaging product titles that capture customer’s attention. Our product description copywriters understand that the product titles should be short, descriptive, and meaningful. Also, they have a sound understanding that the different platforms have different norms for creating titles. We have expertise in creating unique and relevant product titles that will not only describe your products in the best possible way but will be catchy so that your customers can easily recall them when required.

  • Bullet Points to Highlight Features and Benefits

    Bullet Points to Highlight Features and Benefits

    It is essential to include product features and benefits in your product descriptions and our experts are specifically trained to accurately and precisely include all the essential product information on your product pages. Our professional Amazon product description writers will create bullet points highlighting product features benefits in brief as per the rules and guidelines set by Amazon.

  • Engaging and Detailed Product Descriptions

    Engaging and Detailed Product Descriptions

    Our dedicated team of Amazon product description copywriters is trained well to create engaging and detailed product descriptions for your product pages that will not only drive larger traffic on your web store but will also boost your sales figures and conversion rate. Our experts in Amazon copywriting services can handle writing product descriptions required for bulk product uploads. Also, our experts can write product descriptions for global markets.

    We write easy-to-read and compelling product descriptions that describe product features in detail and compel customers to click the “Add to Cart” button.

  • Brand and Manufacturer’s Information

    Brand and Manufacturer’s Information

    Our Amazon copywriters include brand and manufacturer’s details as a part of the information on your product pages to help online shoppers differentiate the similar products offered by competitors. This not only helps your potential customers make quick purchasing decisions but also improves the customer’s shopping experience.

    To ensure that there are no factual, typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors in the descriptions, our professionals proofread the copies and help you gain a better rank in search results through product description writing services. We also use anti-plagiarism tools to make sure that the descriptions are original and 100% plagiarism-free.

Our Complete Suite of Amazon Product Description Services

We at Data4eCom provide a group of premium Amazon product description services that will help you show off your products efficiently on your web store and will attract a larger target audience. When you hire Amazon copywriters from us, they will ensure that the product descriptions they are creating for your product pages are able to convey each and every feature and benefit of your product to your target audience. Our copywriters understand this well that the content that they are creating will not only increase the customer shopping experience but will also help in optimizing your product content so that your product gets better visibility and they can rank well on the Amazon search engines.

Our complete suite of product description writing services are as follows:

Product Descriptions and Specifications in Long and Short Forms

Our Amazon product copywriters will collate information from numerous sources and will create long and short-form descriptions using relevant and popular keywords that will help you attract a larger target audience and boost your online presence. Our experts in Amazon content writing will make sure that only the accurate and required information is presented in front of the customers so that they can understand the product by just scanning the product descriptions and the specifications of the products. Also, we will review each and every unique product specification of your products to ensure that it is relevant, complete, and accurate.

Our Amazon copywriters understand well that reading lengthy sentences and paragraphs is boring and actually takes lots of effort, therefore, they are specifically trained to create short and crisp product descriptions and specifications that contain all the required information that can impact the customer's purchasing decisions. We have expertise in creating attractive and engaging Amazon product descriptions that will not only help you attract a larger target audience but will improve the page ranking of your products.

The best part of our Amazon copywriting services is that we will even assist you with the proofreading part and will put the best possible efforts to improve and enhance your existing content. Our Amazon product description writers will help transform your product content to be more powerful than before.

Creating Enhanced A+ Product Detail Pages

Our Amazon description writing services include creating Amazon A+ product detail pages for our customers. By opting for our services, you can make sure that your target audience will see high-quality product content on your product pages. Also, our experts will ensure that they will create and edit every product page as per the guidelines and standards set by Amazon for it's sellers. From buying guides to comparison charts, and images that can be clicked to be enlarged, you can rely on Data4eCom experts for expertise, quality, and quick turnaround time. Outsource Amazon description writing services to us today and keep your customers engaged and attracted towards your web store with unique formats, creative layouts, and high-quality product images from Data4eCom.

Our Premium A+ Features Include:

  • We are bound to create and edit product images and content that are not only of high quality but are attractive and engaging too.
  • We are capable of developing High-Quality and HD videos that have a playtime of around 3 minutes.
  • We make sure that we include detailed and Informative FAQs to help resolve customers queries and build trust.
  • We create hotspot modules in order to provide an interactive and engaging experience.
  • We also create carousel modules to ensure that you get the easy scroll on feature.
  • We have expertise in developing mobile and voice-friendly product pages that support integration with the Alexa devices.

Amazon Image Processing Services

We understand that including relevant and high-quality product images are as important as creating the content for the product pages as images set the first impression of the products when your potential customers view them on your web store. Engaging and high quality product images will not only help you attract more of your target audience but will even force them to pause, click, and explore a product on your Amazon store. They can also elevate your customer’s online behavior, eventually ending up in better sales.

We at Data4eCom provide professional Amazon image editing & processing services that will overrule your necessity of hiring a typical photo editing agency for your image processing and editing requirements. We have a dedicated team of professionals on board and have expertise in creating and editing high quality unique and engaging images that will not only enhance your customer's shopping experience but will even boost your sales figures. Also, the images will help customers visualize the product in real-time.

Our team comprises domain experts with years of experience in editing and enhancing images for global clients. Our professionals are specifically trained to use software that can genuinely enhance your products’ appearance. Also, while creating product images our experts ensure that the product images on your web store are professional and attractive.

Why Choose Data4eCom for your Product Description Writing Needs?

  • We have a team of dedicated and experienced copywriters
  • We hold an expertise in creating SEO-friendly and unique product descriptions for your product pages that will increase traffic to your web store.
  • We provide a turnaround of 24-48 hours after we receive the requirement from our customers
  • We undergo a 2-step quality check to make sure that you get the best quality content for your Amazon web store
  • We provide a dedicated program manager to our customers that will keep you informed about the progress of your project and will make sure that you get what you expect
  • We will never charge high from you and rather we provide transparency in prices.
  • We have a customer retention rate of more than 95%

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At Data4eCom, we offer professional Amazon product description writing services to our customers and have been serving our customers globally for the past 8+years now. Making us your Amazon copywriting services partner will ensure that your eCommerce business will never again suffer because of duplicated or poor content.

Questions to Answer Your Queries

Why should I outsource product description writing? Outsourcing Amazon description writing to professionals is necessary as creating compelling and attractive product descriptions is one of the best ways to trust your customers to choose your products and make quick purchase decisions. Being an Amazon seller, you might not have enough time to create product descriptions for all of your product pages consistently and even if you can not come up with professional results. That is why you need to outsource product description writing.
Isn't outsourcing product description writing risky? No, outsourcing product description writing is not risky and it can save you from the following:
  • If you do it by yourself you will get diverted from running your business and will have less time for other important business activities.
  • You use manufacturer descriptions and fail to leverage SEO.
  • You decide to hire a freelance writer but he/she is not able to deliver the required results and you have to pay unnecessarily.
We understand your requirement and have therefore created a platform where you get exactly the product descriptions you need. You know your business best, but trust us we have a team of dedicated professionals that can fill your shoes.
Do I need to pay per product description? The best thing about us is that you can customize your account to get exactly the desired content you need as per your business requirements, including the number of product descriptions, word length, and any optional services. Data4eCom subscriptions are flexible, month-to-month plans with no contracts.

Please get in touch with us to outsource Amazon product description writing services and know more about our premium product description writing services. You can either call us on +44 203 514 2601, +1 585 283 0055 or write us at

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