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Comprehensive Amazon Competitor Analysis Services

The Amazon seller marketplace is a goldmine of opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business there. That also means there is stiff competition to overcome to get ahead. Amazon competitor research, provided by Data4eCom, will give your Amazon seller business the advantage of in-depth, accurate, and actionable information about your competition in the marketplace. The information that was meant to outcompete you will be your asset in designing an effective strategy to position your products best in the marketplace. We also assist with the analysis, structuring, and interpretation of the information to give you the edge you need over the competition.

Sell More Than Your Competition With Our Amazon Competitor Research Services

Data4eCom is an astute and proficient service provider in the Amazon competitor analysis and price tracking space with years of experience. We have a dedicated team of experts who are well versed with all of the necessary tools required for the multiple tasks involved. They dive deep into the specifics of the available information about the competition and extract valuable data that they will analyze, and process into information vital for you to gain an advantage over your competitors.

We are also equipped with the latest tools for the purpose of Amazon seller competitor analysis, as we are committed to serving you with possible information stack and competitor data processing services. We do so to give you the maximum benefit of such services that you can get.

As a part of our Amazon competitor price tracking and analysis services we will perform the following checks:

  • Cost Efficient

    Prices and Promotions

    Prices of a product Keep fluctuating frequently on the marketplace platform. The algorithms are designed to seek out and promote a product with the lowest available price. Our Amazon competitor price tracking service seeks out such price changes amongst your competition and reports them in a single document to highlight the difference. This facility also extends to any promotions that they may be running at the time of the search and associated details. The quick information made available about such changes can support your pricing strategy in real time. It also allows you to conduct feasibility studies on listing Amazon products or what products to offer on a promotional basis and by how much.

  • Product Data Optimization

    Product/Attribute Change

    Sellers keep their product portfolio flexible to keep up with customer sentiments and changing market dynamics. You must do the same to stay relevant. That is possible with our expert Amazon seller competitor analysis as we monitor every one of your competition’s product lineup changes. They could be the addition of a product or removal of one. There could also be changes in the features/attributes of the products that you’ll get notified about.

    Our detailed reports will benefit you with acute awareness about market trends and customer likes. You could update your product portfolio appropriately or try to one-up the competition with an innovative product based on the market demand.

  • Amazon Analytics and Insights

    Pricing History and Trend

    Price changes tend to follow a pattern, such as the percentage of discount or markup that occurs. Our Amazon competitor research will study such changes over time and report information that will prove useful in selecting your pricing for your products. The period of study could vary from weeks to months.

  • Product Data Entry From Multiple Sources

    Multi-Source Data Management

    Competitor information isn’t just limited to their Amazon seller pages. Third-party news sources could also provide data about a seller, especially of any exclusive manufacturer-related activity. Our experienced Amazon competitor research teams will scout for any relevant data regarding the competition from every corner of the internet and consolidate it in a sensible manner. You get the advantages of not missing out on valuable competitor data due to lack of research and clarity about the same.

  • Keyword Research & Optimization

    Keyword Analysis

    Search algorithms are always on the lookout for favorable keywords in product descriptions. A competitor using the most used keywords will have their product lineup displayed when searched for by a customer. Your product description will beat that competition to the top of the search results page with our Amazon competitor analysis service. We will identify the most performing keywords/phrases used by the competition or help generate new ones based on customer preferences, giving you the edge in rankings. We also help perform complete Amazon SEO services for your seller page content to aid in rankings both within and outside of the Amazon marketplace.

  • Product Reviews

    Review Analysis

    When a seller does right in their Amazon business, their customers will tell them about it in the reviews and comments section. That feedback is a valuable treasure trove of information about the seller’s functioning and key to success, which is why our Amazon seller competitor analysis will scour through the feedback section of your competitors and bring you that valuable information. With knowledge of the positives that’s clicking for your competition, you’ll be better able to understand any drawbacks in your approach and work on changing the appropriate strategy to match or outdo your competitors.

  • Boost Sales

    Marketing Campaign Investigation

    Your competitors are not likely to rest on the laurels gained through their Amazon business practices. They will be out and about campaigning for their seller store and products to promote them. Investigation of those campaigns by our Amazon competitor price tracking experts will reveal the tactics they’re using to succeed. The insights provided by our scouting team will let you know how best to devise your marketing campaign or twerk a present one to make it more effective in brand building. With our Amazon virtual assistant services added, we’ll even help you conduct those campaigns via every marketing channel, including social media and print.

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Trust Us With Conducting Your Amazon Seller Competitor Analysis

Data4eCom is a professional Amazon competitor analysis service provider with years of experience in the industry aiding multiple million-dollar businesses on the site. We help resolve multiple issues faced by our clients in their Amazon seller journey, including the ones pertaining to competitor analysis.

The lack of our bespoke Amazon competitor research can make you lose out on the following:

  • Better Market Awareness
  • Better Messaging
  • On-Demand Product Lineup
  • Appealing UI/UX
  • Innovation
  • Great Partnerships and Exclusive Deals
  • Better Market Awareness

    Market research is one of the basic steps to take before venturing into it. Conducting market research from your end helps, but may prove to be limited in scope, especially when starting anew. With Data4eCom’s Amazon competitor research, you’ll have access to the customer behaviour of your competitors as well. This information will exponentially increase your market awareness and prevent you from struggling with bad sales figures later on.

  • Better Messaging

    Being a seller on Amazon means getting the message about your brand and products spot on to attract and retain customers. Miscommunication of the same will have deleterious effects on the overall business both in the short and long terms. Our Amazon competitor analysis service will identify the language that’s helping your competitors succeed and correct any shortcomings in yours to curtail the bleeding of customers due to the wrong choice of words for marketing.

  • Having An On-Demand Product Lineup

    Having a lack of fast moving products in your niche of business will mean losing your sales to your competition. Our Amazon seller competitor analysis will identify such products on your competitors’ pages, helping you stay with them while allowing you to focus on your USPs.

  • Appealing UI/UX On Seller Page

    The aesthetics of your seller page is as much a factor in driving your business growth as your product lineup, messaging, and service. Conducting Amazon competitor research with our help will let you in on the kind of UI elements your competitors are using, and help make your page become just as engaging and enamoring.

  • Innovation

    It’s not just manufacturers that are innovating constantly but sellers as well. Adding new products to their lineup, improving messaging with greater creativity, adding new features to their pages, etc., help sellers stand out from the competition. Amazon competitor analysis service by Data4eCom will fill you in on vital innovations that your competition conducts so that you’ll not have to fall behind.

  • Great Partnerships and Exclusive Deals

    Sellers may enter into exclusive partnerships with manufacturers and get exclusive rights to sell their merchandise on their pages. They could also hatch exclusive deals with said manufacturers, giving them a price or some other advantage. Being unaware of such activity will put your seller’s business on the backfoot.

    With Data4eCom’s Amazon seller competitor analysis, you can get wind of such movements early on so that you may prepare accordingly.

Thus, every misstep in not keeping up with the competition on Amazon can cost you very dearly. The comprehensive Amazon seller services we provide will give you the thrust you need to not only survive but stay ahead of your competition on the site.

Our Amazon competitor analysis service is part of our broader Amazon seller services portfolio such as Amazon product listing services to assist your business in every possible way.

Get Ahead With Our Amazon Competitor Price Tracking and Analysis Service

We conduct our Amazon competitor analysis activities to the highest level and with strict adherence to ethical codes of conduct. We strive to provide you with impeccable, actionable intelligence about your Amazon seller competitors’ activities, including but not limited to, product lineups, marketing efforts, pricing and performance history, and more at an affordable rate.


What are the important elements in competitor analysis? Amazon competitor analysis generally consists of company description (information like size, geography, demographics), summary of management personnel, financial transaction history, product portfolio of present and past, funding information, customer feedback information, services offered, and their strengths and weaknesses. Data4eCom’s Amazon Seller Competitor analysis reports will contain detailed information of these parameters.
How is Amazon competitor analysis done? The main method used to evaluate an Amazon seller competition is SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats). It helps gauge those aspects of your business against the same of your competitors. It gives you a clear idea of what your present standing is in comparison and what you must do to subvert future threats and what opportunities to seek out to grow your business beyond theirs. Others may also be used by Data4eCom’s expert Amazon competitor research teams if and when deemed necessary.
Where do Amazon competitor analysts look for competitor data? Data4eCom’s Amazon competitor analysis service scours the internet to collate valuable data on the competition. The main source of data is their seller pages on the marketplace itself. It tells one about their product lineup, marketing content, customer satisfaction, and other strategies. Their websites and social media pages are the other great sources of information. It’s likely that upcoming offers and promotions will be made available there first. Third-party news about competing sellers can also be included whenever available.
What are the other services available alongside Amazon competitor analysis? Data4eCom understands that gathering information about the competition won’t always suffice. Which is why we also offer Amazon marketplace management services that every Amazon seller needs with a personal touch. Our expert VA’s will not only assist you with Amazon seller competitor analysis but also other vital aspects of the business such as product listing and description writing, customer service, review, and rating analysis, and many other such support services. They'll even serve as a virtual personal assistant if required. This way you’ll be best equipped to tackle anything that the competition can throw at you.
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