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eCommerce Product Data Enrichment

Every shopper, before deciding to buy a particular product, seeks to know about it as much as possible. Product data, thus, must be very comprehensive. It should answer all the questions that a shopper might have in his head, dispel his apprehensions and convince him of the worth of a product. More importantly, product data should carry no inconsistencies or dish out any misinformation. The conversion rate of your eCommerce business is purely contingent upon the quality of the product data you upload.

At we offer Product Data Enrichment Services to help you improve your product data and register more sales. Our Product Data Enrichment professionals are vastly experienced and conversant with every aspect of eCommerce data management. We can enrich product data for all kinds of eStores, whether they sell clothing, lighting, sports gear, medical equipment, furniture or bathroom accessories.

Benefits of making you Product Data Enrichment Services partner:

  • At we are very thorough with our work. We begin enriching product data only after a meticulous data audit. We evaluate the quality of your product data, identify the gaps, errors and inconsistencies in it and devise a plan to improve it.
  • We try to weed out all heterogeneity of standards from your product data. Thus, we carefully standardize all units of weights and measure and attribute values.
  • We look for inconsistencies of spelling and in the expansion of abbreviations. We take care to standardize them so that a buyer is never confused. We also expand abbreviations whenever required.
  • We search for and correct all typos. We are very punctilious in ensuring that that your product names, descriptions, etc. carry no spelling mistakes.
  • To fill the gaps in your product data we extract product attributes from PDF, hard copy and online catalogs and populate your website with them. We also gather product attributes from the manufacturers’ websites.
  • As a part of our product data enrichment services we work on the product descriptions. We ensure that they are original, lucid and keyword rich.
  • We will purge your product data of all duplicate entries.
  • Whenever required, we will validate your product data.
  • We will work on your product images. The photo editors at are extremely skilled and experienced. We rid your product images of blemishes, improve the image backgrounds and, if required, extract a product image from an unattractive background.
  • We will make your product titles and meta tags key word rich.

We offer our product content enrichment services at the most competitive rates. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry. Every project is overseen by a dedicated Project Manager who liaisons with the client and keeps him updated on the progress of the work.

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