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When running a business, there are instances where you are unable to provide personalized support and real-time convenience to your customers. At the same time, you want to focus on growth-enhancing, cost-saving activities while maintaining a long-term customer relationship. This brings in eCommerce customer support services to assist your online customers. Outsourcing customer support services can not only help you resolve customer queries but save an ample amount of time to concentrate on your core activities while saving costs.

Support consumer queries with instantaneous and on-target responses. Reward your customers with enhanced online experiences. At Data4eCom, we employ our extensive experience, professional expertise, and proactive customer support teams to extend complete email chat support services while reducing your drop rates and influencing better conversions and sales for your business. Backed by consolidated knowledge bases, our clients get the advantage of 24*7 assistance and error-free, quick, and appropriate support.

eCommerce Customer Support Outsourcing Services We Offer

  • Product/Service Inquiries

    Considering the ever-growing demand and influence of eCommerce, businesses can’t afford to lose any sales opportunity. As soon as a customer or prospect posts a product/service query, responding to them promptly can initiate a sale.

    However, the real problem occurs when the volume of inquiries is too extensive for organizations to handle. Fortunately, our experts manage them for you in an effective yet efficient manner by quickly responding to all email inquiries.

  • Order Taking/Fulfillment

    Written or email transactions and communications are always better than telephonic conversations as both parties have proof. This makes it a great medium for order taking and fulfillment. Well managed and accurate order taking can increase the level of customer satisfaction and recurring customers.

    Through our eCommerce customer support, we seamlessly manage your order taking process to better serve the order fulfillment needs.

  • Feedback/Response to Queries

    Besides product inquiries, your email inbox receives several other customer emails related to feedback or suggestions. It is highly crucial to acknowledge them, get the required information and properly respond to each one of them.

    As a part of our customer care outsourcing services, we manage all these emails on your behalf and make sure that all emails are properly processed.

  • Troubleshooting for Services/Products

    Emails are an easy way, for customers, to explain all the necessary information as compared to the telephone. Further, emails also allow them to attach documents, images, or scanned copies that might be required for troubleshooting the issues faced by them.

    Our eCommerce customer support services for troubleshooting consumer queries can take care of all such emails on your behalf and revert with appropriate responses.

  • Payment Inquiries and Documentation

    Customers are required to pay for the services they avail or the products they buy. There are chances where customers might forget to make the payment on time, for say in the case of a monthly subscription.

    Now, it’s your responsibility to send them a reminder and ask for the necessary documentation. We manage these tasks on your behalf by sending gentle reminders, asking for documentation, and ensuring everything is in place while you focus on your business.

Why Do You Need eCommerce Customer Support Services?

No wonder, several customers prefer to contact via email. Acknowledging their emails and responding with proper information/answers is extremely crucial to business success. However, it’s easier said than done since you might receive thousands of emails from your prospects/customers, and responding to each one of them practically seems impossible.

The good news is, you don’t have to. With professional eCommerce email support services, you can concentrate on core business activities while the experts actively respond to customer queries on your behalf.

  • Emails have a personal touch to them. When you reach your customer with promotions, new launches, or product information via email, they feel that your organization cares about them and wants to willingly resolve their queries.
  • Customer support outsourcing services offer easy and convenient communication. Emails allow you to reach your customers from anywhere in the world without having to care much about their time zones, availability, or dialects.
  • In cases where you have to send an update to hundreds of people at once, emails come in handy. No hassle of printing hundreds of copies for everyone; just a single click and it’s done.
  • When it comes to sharing confidential information, nothing can beat emails. They can be encrypted for an extra layer of security to ensure only the receiver can access them.

Partner with Data4eCom for your eCommerce Email Chat Support Needs

eCommerce Back-office Support Services is an excellent means of understanding a customer’s expectations in terms of after sales support. With our eCommerce email chat support, you can meet them better.

  • Complete Satisfaction

    We will make sure that a customer checks out of your eStore completely satisfied and soon returns to shop a bit more. With our customer care outsourcing services, you will earn the loyalty of shoppers.

  • Minimization of Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Partnering with us will help you significantly reduce shopping cart abandonment. Our professionals are vastly experienced and they will address customers’ doubts comprehensively in polite, persuasive language.

  • Customer Behaviour

    When you outsource email chat support service, we will help you build a database of customer behavior, frequently asked questions, and the reasons that result in shopping cart abandonment.

  • Enhance your Business

    During our interactions, we try to spot opportunities for up-sales and cross-sales. Further, while interacting with the shoppers, we try to understand the market trends, gauge the shoppers’ mood, and the products they are buying the most, thus, bringing you more business.

  • Meet Customer Expectations

    We will provide you with transcripts of every interaction. You can use them to further refine your understanding of customers’ doubts and expectations.

  • Economical Solutions

    Our 24*7 eCommerce customer support services are the most economical. Our prices are substantially lower than those quoted by the other vendors in the industry.


How do you write a support email? At Data4ecom, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive database. Our team undergoes extensive training regarding the products/services they will represent to ensure lesser follow-ups and greater customer satisfaction.
Do you provide email support and chat support simultaneously? Yes. Based on your requirements, we can combine both the services and offer you exceptional email chat support for maximum customer satisfaction.
How do you ensure accurate responses to customer queries? Common email queries are drafted in advance, with your approval, and sent to customers. However, in case of a unique email query, we initiate a discussion with you and draft a response accordingly.
Is my email data safe? Yes, your data is in safe hands. We have strict privacy policies, including NDA with all our employees. Your data is guarded with utmost care with no room for breach.
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