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Amazon Product Photo Editing

Images are a powerful medium to grab the attention of potential buyers and bolster the sales process. However, if the images are dull, unclear or not compelling enough to grab the eyeballs of your prospective customers, you might not be able to capitalize on the sales opportunities. We, at Data4eCom, render cost-effective image enhancement solutions to help our clients increase their conversion rate.

Data4eCom has the experience and technical know-how of editing product photos in alignment with the standards set by Amazon. We cater to diverse online retail industry verticals such as apparel, baby products, accessories, shoes, health and beauty, bags, luxury watches and others.

A glimpse at Data4eCom's Amazon Product Image Editing Services

To improve the quality of your product photos, our team of digital image enhancement experts uses advanced photo editing software. We ensure that every image on your product page is brightly lit, clear and visually enticing. The aim of our image editing services is to enhance your conversion rate by engaging your target audience.

  • We conform to the technical specifications of Amazon and deliver images in JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), TIFF (.tif/.tiff), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) format.
  • We ensure that pixel dimensions of images are at least 1000 or larger in terms of height or width.
  • While uploading images on Amazon, we ensure that the file names used do not include any spaces, punctuation marks or special characters. We also make sure that the file name reflects a product identifier, is followed by a period/full stop and has an appropriate file extension.

As part of our Amazon Photo Editing Services, we perform:

  • Image enhancement
  • Image retouching
  • Color, brightness, and contrast adjustment
  • Noise reduction
  • Background removal
  • Image resizing and cropping
  • Image masking
  • File conversion
  • Shadows and enhancement
  • Watermark removal

Image enhancement - Right from density correction, color/color cast correction, image cropping to blemish removal and background insertion/removal, we do it all to give your product photos the right hue and brightness.

Image retouching - Our graphic design experts use their creative caliber to transform your product photos into images that intrigue your visitors.

Color, brightness and contrast adjustment - We enhance the overall quality of your product photos by setting the color scheme right and restoring the colors, as and when required.

Noise reduction - We eliminate all the unwanted noise from the photos (including color and luminance), so that your product always remains in focus.

Background removal - Abiding by Amazon's guidelines, we ensure that the images so uploaded have a white background. If not, our experts can manipulate the image background for an augmented view.

Image resizing and cropping - We are well-versed with slicing, cropping, and resizing techniques. They can also remove any distorted or undesirable element from the product image.

Image masking - Our designing experts make use of various Photoshop image masking and editing techniques to outline the images and create striking vector illustrations.

File conversion - The professional image editing experts at Data4eCom also handle conversion of pixelated or blurry images into refined ones.

Shadows and enhancement - Our photo editors are adept at enhancing product photos by removing shadows or even adding them to make the images engaging.

Watermark removal - We provide a clearer view of your images by removing watermark graphics from them.

Our photo editing experts make sure that your product images are:

Visually captivating: We eliminate all the imperfections from your product photos to make them pleasing to the eye.

Adequately bright: While processing the product photos, we ensure that all the features and details are rightly demonstrated. Our photo editing professionals take care of the entire editing process, adequately adjusting colors, contrast and brightness levels. We comply with Amazon's image upload guidelines and upload only those with at least 1000 pixels of resolution. We deliver images that are rich in color and give a clear idea of the product's prime features and specifications.

Up-to-date: Our photo editing professionals update the product images as and when required. In addition, our experts are also adept at optimizing the images for your Amazon store to keep you ahead of the competition in search engine rankings.

Our Amazon image editors have worked with businesses of all sizes. We have grown to achieve efficacy in all our image editing tasks and have managed to deliver high-volume image editing projects within a quick turnaround time. Our highly skilful and experienced photo editors can handle all kinds of image editing processes and deliver high-quality photos that attract the attention of your potential buyers. With this approach we ensure that your visitors spend enough time on your product page to make a buying decision.

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