Image Editing for eCommerce Store, Selling High-End Jewelry and Watches

The Client

A US based eCommerce Store selling high-end jewelry and watches by leading manufacturers of luxury accessories.

Project requirements:

Our client sold premium, high value products and catered to the upper crust of the market. He wanted the look of his eCommerce Store’s website to be in consonance with the kind of products he sold. In other words, he wanted his eCommerce Store’s appearance to betray a touch of class. He, thus, wanted only very high quality product images to be uploaded on his website. Besides, he wanted the product images to accurately convey the design and even the minutest features of a ring, necklace or watch. Some of the images he had sourced from the manufacturers’ websites were of indifferent quality in terms of color and resolution. The rest of the images, shot in-house, were somewhat better, but they greatly varied in lighting, color and contrast. Many of the frames had been composed poorly and had jarring, distracting backgrounds. Our client wanted an image editing vendor to rid his product images of all these handicaps and make them worthy of his eCommerce Store’s premium profile.

The challenges:

  • The incredibly large number of product images. In all, there were about 100,000 product images to be edited in a period of two months. This was one of the largest image editing exercises undertaken by us in a limited timeframe.
  • The multiplicity of perspectives. Each product had been shot from multiple angles. The multiplicity of angles had made the product images very inconsistent in terms of lighting. Some were over lit while others were under lit.
  • The variation in lighting had distorted the product colors. Most images lacked a sharpness of focus too. 
  • Often, the backgrounds were cluttered or in multiple colors. The backgrounds had to be homogenized.
  • Every single product image had to be optimized in size in a manner that it uploaded easily while retaining sharpness and clarity.
  • The images needed to be tagged so that they became SEO compatible.

Our solution:

We began by sorting the product images by category. Following this, two teams of image editors were formed. One took charge of the jewelry pictures and the other of the watch pictures. The two teams then set about extracting every single product image from its background using the Photoshop lasso tool. The product images were then grafted upon new, homogeneous backgrounds. The photo editors at extensively and ingeniously used the shadow/highlight adjustment option on Photoshop to correct the discrepancies in lighting. Our photo editors also generously used the dodge, burn and sharpening tools on Photoshop to make the product images such that they vividly conveyed every feature and detail of a product. Alongside, they meticulously corrected the color and the contrast on each product image. As each product image was edited it was immediately passed on to our product image optimization specialists who made sure that they were of just the right size and resolution. One team of our professionals researched the image tags in each product category. After some exhaustive research, they drew a capacious inventory of the most SEO friendly image tags which were then given to our client’s product images. Today, our client is the proud owner of one of the sleekest and most sophisticated looking eCommerce Stores on the internet. Because of intelligent image tagging it does excellent business too.

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