Walmart Marketplace Management Services

Walmart Marketplace Management Services

Walmart Marketplace has 110 million monthly active users and therefore it is considered as one of the largest and rapidly growing eCommerce platforms available in the market. Within a few years, Walmart has become a renowned and popular eCommerce platform among online buyers. Similar to other popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, the platform now offers numerous tools and features for both Walmart sellers and buyers. The platform is a boon for the retailers and you can outsource the Walmart Marketplace management services to the players in the market to get good results.

If you are one of those who are looking forward to starting your Walmart business or setting up your Walmart Marketplace storefront, then now is the right time. Walmart Marketplace provides its users the opportunity to get more leads and boosts sales. So, if you’re looking for an efficient way to sell your products and provide services online, then Walmart Marketplace is the best platform.

One Stop Solution for All Walmart Marketplace Management

We at Data4eCom are ready to help you with all that you would need to either set up your new Walmart Marketplace storefront or grow your existing Walmart business. You can list your products on Walmart to boost the visibility of your store among millions of shoppers online. And this can be taken care of well by Data4eCom, as we will upload your bulk upload product data, and will add images and content with utmost accuracy.

We are market leaders and have been providing Walmart Marketplace management services to our global customer base for years now. By outsourcing your Walmart Marketplace management services you can get us involved in managing your Walmart Marketplace storefront and you can utilize your important time in doing other important business activities that can help you meet your targets and business goals.

Walmart Marketplace Management Services Offered by Us

  • Product Content Creation

    Product Content Creation

    We are experts in creating content for your Walmart product listings including product titles, descriptions, and imagery. Creating high-quality content including HD images and videos for your product listings will increase organic exposure and conversions on the eCommerce platform.

  • SEO & Keyword Implementation

    Walmart SEO & Keyword Implementation

    Improve your product visibility on the Walmart Marketplace with our Walmart Marketplace management services. Our experts will create your product related content including meta titles, product descriptions, etc, using popular and relevant keywords. We will also make sure that SEO is implemented well for your product listings thereby enhancing product visibility and improving search results on the search engine.

  • Walmart Documenting Accurate Attributes

    Walmart Documenting Accurate Attributes

    We have a team of professionals that are experts in creating content for your Walmart product listings by including correct and accurate attributes like product Color, Size, Weight, etc. We will ensure that the content for your product created by us will help you in providing detailed insights of your products to your target audience without any chances of including any wrong product attributes or other product related information.

  • Documenting Accurate Pricing

    Documenting Accurate Pricing

    We are experts in documenting correct information for your product listings from various digital or physical sources of information. Our experts perform detailed eCommerce competitor price monitoring before they suggest an appropriate price for your products.

    With our Walmart data entry services, we can assure you that the pricing that our experts will include for your products are precise and accurate avoiding any chances of creating confusion by documenting incorrect information.

  • Walmart Product Image Optimization

    Walmart Product Image Optimization

    We will help you in optimizing & editing product images as per the guidelines and standards set by Walmart. This will help you in enhancing the visibility of your products on the eCommerce platform ultimately attracting more target audiences and increasing conversion rates.

    There are chances that the product images that are not optimized as per the Walmart set of standards and guidelines are more likely to be rejected by the eCommerce giant.

  • PPC Management

    PPC Management

    Get your products ranked higher and visible to the majority of your target audience with Walmart's paid search options. We are experts in PPC management and will help your products get maximum visibility on the platform thereby increasing sales and business revenue.

  • Feed Management

    Feed Management

    If you are running a successful Walmart storefront and have a huge customer base it is obvious that you might be having a large product catalog and your eCommerce store will require frequent product additions. But you need not worry as we can manage feeds pretty much easily for your business.

    We have a dedicated feed management team that is trained well to make sure that you will never lose your potential customers because of your products getting out of stock or the unavailability of the latest products in the market.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    We understand that running a Walmart web store and maintaining your vast product inventory at the same time can be quite challenging. Therefore, our Walmart Marketplace management services include inventory management to make things easier for you. Our experts will make sure that you are stocking only those items in the inventory that are actually selling well on your web store.

    Also, with our Walmart product upload services, our experts will let you know which items you are falling short of and which items you have a good stock of. This will help you avoid situations where you can lose potential customers due to unavailability of the certain products.

  • Product Categorization

    Product Categorization

    Our experts are well versed in product categorization and will make sure that your entire product inventory is categorized into the respective categories which will help your customers access the products on your web store easily. Also, products that are categorized well have better chances of ranking on the search engine.

  • Marketplace Consulting

    Marketplace Consulting

    Our Walmart Marketplace management professionals will help you in determining innovative ways to improve the customer experience. This will ultimately help you in enhancing your brand visibility, increase the number of satisfied customers and boost sales figures and business revenue.

Why Sell On Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart marketplace is the eCommerce platform that has changed the way people used to buy and sell goods. Online selling and purchasing is the new trend now but is not as simple as it sounds.

If you are an eCommerce seller then it is crucial for you to find the correct marketplace with respect to the product and the services that you want to offer to your target audience. At this point, the need for a highly saturated marketplace arises which is the Walmart marketplace! Walmart can be the perfect choice for most of the sellers for the following reasons:

  • Huge Customer Base

    With more than 110 million active users, Walmart Marketplace is the second-largest eCommerce platform right after Amazon. The huge customer base that the platform offers is more than enough to help you expand your network and grow your business in the direction that you have ever imagined.

  • Good Traffic Volume

    In September 2020, Walmart Marketplace generated an average of 385.5 million monthly unique visitors, up from 294.5 million visits in February 2020. By selling on the Walmart marketplace, you can take advantage of Walmart's impressive traffic volume besides struggling to attract your target audience on your own websites in order to boost traffic and sales.

  • Less Competition

    Though Walmart is moving forward with rapid growth, the competition on the platform is less as compared to other eCommerce platforms in the market including Amazon and eBay. With Amazon currently having over 2 million sellers, Walmart has just 33,000 merchants which makes it a better place to show off and sell your products and earn big profits. This is why now is the perfect time to set up an account!

  • No Upfront Costs

    The best thing about the Walmart Marketplace is that it does not charge a monthly or annual subscription similar to other eCommerce players in the market including Amazon. Neither the Walmart platform charges any set-up or storage fees while you start up with your online business on the platform. It's just that you need to pay when you start earning. Walmart will take a specified percentage from your sales which will avoid any risk if your business does not perform well on the platform.

Also, Walmart Marketplace provides exceptional support services for free! Therefore, it is one of the best opportunities for you to start with Walmart Marketplace and see your business growing without any upfront cost.

Walmart Seeks More Detailed Product Data

Walmart being one of the largest retail chains in the world has some stringent seller requirements in place, which is not so easy to follow. Data4eCom can help you get onboard Walmart in the quickest turnaround time possible. We can help you integrate your store with Walmart's systems and make it a seamless experience for you. We set up your Walmart product listings through Walmart's EDI system to ensure that your listings are in compliance from the moment they get uploaded.

Walmart Product Listings that Stand Out

Our experienced and highly skilled team of Walmart product listing & content editors can provide you with ongoing catalog management services to help keep your product listings in compliance with Walmart listing requirements. Key features of our Walmart product uploading services include:

  • Creating, enhancing, editing, and troubleshooting product listings to ensure that your product data is mapping correctly and appearing as intended on the Walmart marketplace.
  • Publishing rich media assets in sync with your business
  • Editing and optimizing existing information
  • Writing compelling product descriptions that are informative yet precise
  • Comprehensive keyword research, and incorporating effective keywords and tags to better manage customer on-site shopping experience
  • Adept in using ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, SellerCloud, etc., to manage our product listings on Walmart, and other third-party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Rakuten, NewEgg, etc.
  • Preparing reports and analyzing how many customers go through the information provided and its business impact

Advantages of Selling on Walmart With Our Walmart Marketplace Management Services

  • Boost Online Sales
  • Influence Customers
  • Quick and Easy
  • Boost Online Sales

    Boost Online Sales

    By opting for our Walmart product data entry services, you can get our experts to create and upload accurate and descriptive product descriptions for your product listings which will not only help you in attracting your target audience to your web store but will also boost sales, and increase conversions and business revenue. By uploading informative and compelling product descriptions supported by rich media, manufacturers can expect an increase in online sales by as much as 10%.

  • Influence Customers

    Influence Customers

    Complete, accurate, and detailed product information is crucial to customers to make informed purchase decisions. Our experts will make sure that your product pages have accurate and detailed information that will help your target audience make quicker purchase decisions without having second thoughts. Our professionals will also make sure that your products are ranking good on the search engine to make them easily visible to the target audience and the potential customers.

  • Influence Customers

    Influence Customers

    With our Walmart Marketplace management services, you can quickly and easily upload your products on the web store and set up your product listings. We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals that will not only help you in setting up your product listings and make them available on Walmart but will also manage your entire product inventory.

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