Product Data Upload for Magento Based Online Store

The Client

A popular US based eStore selling furniture built on Magento.

Project requirements:

The client’s product data was extremely elaborate and complex. The client’s eCommerce Store sold hundreds of different kinds of furniture. Each furniture type, in turn, was divided into scores of sub-types. The client wanted his products categorized in a manner that a shopper will have no problem in finding a particular type of furniture or its many variants. Besides, there were other requirements like optimizing all the product data, improving the quality of the product images, accurately entering the product attributes, creating unique product descriptions and uploading product reviews.

The challenges:

  • A very tight deadline. Any delay in turning around the project would have resulted in serious financial losses for the client.
  • There was absolutely no margin of error. All the product data had to be uploaded with one hundred percent accuracy. 
  • Complex and elaborate product categories. The biggest challenge was categorizing the products without creating confusion. Our brief was to create neat and brief product categories and avoid clutter at all costs.
  • Complete compliance with product data feed specifications of Magento. Throughout, we had to be mindful that the product data fields prepared by us are in compliance with the Magento’s product data feed specifications. Even the slightest anomaly would have required us to re-do everything from scratch.
  • Editing the product images. Furniture images are the toughest to edit because they must convey a sense of three-dimensionality. They also had to be extracted from their backgrounds. Their sheer number, about ten thousand of them, was another logistical challenge.

How we went about the task:

At we have professionals specializing in every aspect of product data upload. We are also fully familiar with every eCommerce platform and its data feed specifications. Within a day of getting the project we had analyzed the project requirements and devised a strategy to accomplish them. Thereupon, teams of our professionals specializing in each of the tasks – product categorization, product image editing and product data upload and optimization– set about working in tandem. A team of writers researched every product offered by our client and created unique, keyword rich product descriptions. We also uploaded a large number of product reviews which substantiated all that was said in the product descriptions. All these teams were overseen by certain professionals who had extensive knowledge of the Magento platform and knew how to best utilize all its features. We turned around the project in record time, much before the deadline set by our client. The neat, uncluttered product categorization and the intelligent product data optimization done by us immensely pleased our client. In a couple of months, the client was getting 55% more business than earlier.  

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