eCommerce Product Data Migration Services

eCommerce Product Data Migration

You are the owner of an eStore but are not satisfied with the performance of the platform upon which you have constructed it. Or, your eCommerce site’s platform is not feature-rich enough to meet the requirements of your business. The wise thing to do in such a situation is to upgrade to another eCommerce platform which meets your needs better. The task, however, is of great complexity as it requires you to handle and migrate a stupendous quantity of product data.

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At we have been providing comprehensive and cost-effective eCommerce solutions for the last six years. We are familiar with every major eCommerce platform such as Magento, Shopify, osCommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart, etc. and can customize them all with ease. Our Product Data Migration Services professionals will analyze your business needs and decide on an eCommerce platform which will fulfill them best. As a part of our Product Data Migration Services we will:

  • Examine the existing platform to understand in what manners it is lacking. We will then analyze and survey all the available eCommerce platforms and zero down on the one which has exactly the features required by your eStore.
  • Do a thorough study of the new platform and its features in order to customize them in a manner that they subserve your eCommerce business’s interests.
  • Thoroughly understand the database structure of the new platform and determine how to best organize your product data upon it.
  • Meticulously plan and map the entire product data transfer process step by step. We will make sure that there is no loss of data due to confusion or, for that matter, any duplication of data.
  • Organize all your product data into a comma delimited or tab delimited format before carrying out a bulk migration. Our Product Data Migration professionals are extremely deft at the task and can handle any amount of product data with an almost one hundred percent accuracy.
  • Ensure that all the page titles and the URLs on the new platform are identical to what they were earlier. After all, even after you make the switch, your loyal clients should face no problems in finding your eCommerce site.
  • Make sure that there is no interruption of your current business processes. We will integrate your new platform with the accounting systems and payment processes as well as the shipping vendor’s services. Neither you nor your customers will suffer the slightest hassle.
  • Assign you a dedicated Project Manager who will discuss with you and understand all your areas of concern. Once we begin migrating your product data, the Project Manager will constantly keep you posted on the progress of the work.

We offer eCommerce data replatforming services at the most competitive prices in the industry. We are best in Magento data migration services. Our turnaround rates are the quickest.

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