Multi-channel Listing Platforms: Inventory Management Services

Multi-channel Inventory Management

Selling on various marketplaces is a great way to expand reach, target new customers and sell more products. With Data4eCom’s multi-channel inventory data upload services, expanding your business across online marketplaces and comparison shopping engines, in addition to your webstore means extra sales, not extra work. We empower brands and online merchants in boosting the visibility of their products across several marketplaces, reaching out to tens of millions of online shoppers and scaling their eCommerce business.

Whether it involves selling through retail giant Amazon, one of the biggest marketplaces like eBay, rapidly growing eCommerce marketplace like Newegg, or a new marketplace, we have got you covered. Our experienced team of eCommerce professionals help you efficiently manage multiple channels with de-duplicated and optimized data feeds.

Multi-Channel Product Listing: SaaS Platforms and Solutions

As part of multi-channel inventory data upload services, we enlist products with utmost accuracy by using sophisticated tools like Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor, SellerCloud, eSellerPro, Vendio, Solid Commerce, Mercent Retail and the like.

ChannelAdvisor Inventory Data Upload Services

At Data4eCom, we are conversant at working with ChannelAdvisor and have rich experience in adding, modifying and updating the product inventory in ChannelAdvisor. Our experts can upload thousands of products using ChannelAdvisor Bulk Upload Spreadsheet, while ensuring utmost accuracy and delivering the project in quick turnaround time.

Linnworks Inventory Data Upload Services

To help you enlist products across different marketplaces and integrate and automate your order process and management process, we provide you a complete suite of Linnworks inventory upload services. Our experts understand the ins and outs of the tool to import product data with complete accuracy.

SellerCloud Product Listing Services

SellerCloud product listing services professionals at Data4eCom are completely at ease with SellerCloud backend, and can efficiently import individual as well as thousands of products with SKU, product name, brand, description, attributes, features, and other vital details.

Components of Multi-Channel Product Listing Services at Data4eCom

With multi-channel eCommerce data management services, we help you successfully sell across multiple channels, boost sales and stay organized. From product listings to back-office support operations like order processing and inventory management, we manage them all efficiently.

Ensuring that your product data is accurate and up-to-date, we create search engine friendly data feed that help you gain the most out of your online channels and make your product visible to tens of millions of customers across the globe. As part of our multi-channel inventory management and order processing services, we ensure that your inventory levels and outgoing orders are in sync.

As part of multi-channel inventory data upload services, or experts:

Create Product Listings/ Product Data Feeds

To help you expand business, easily and quickly, we create effective and well-optimized product listings by collating data from reliable sources. Our experts make sure that the product lists are up-to-date with information including SKUs, product titles, descriptions, images, attributes, features, unique identifiers, tags, prices, availability status, shipping details, etc.

Manage Inventory and Orders

We support you in managing inventory as well as customer orders seamlessly, saving your time, efforts and money. Our experts keep a tab on hottest selling products, unavailable items, etc., across each channel, and update each product’s availability status just in time. We also enter the order details and process them to ensure a seamless order-to-cash process.

Set Pricing Strategy

Our team of eCommerce professionals monitors your competitors’ prices and market trends, helping you set the most competitive pricing to attract customers and increase sales.

With multi-channel eCommerce data management services, we help you upload your products across ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, SellerCloud, and other SaaS platforms and solutions that address your multi-channel product listing and inventory management needs.

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