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Creative eCommerce Product Description Writing Services

There are less to no chances that online customers will purchase from a store that will have incorrect, incomplete or missing information and would rather like to visit the stores that have detailed information and descriptions of the products that are available. We all know that selling products online is a challenging task as the customers have to purchase the products without actually touching or using them. Customers need to rely on the product information and descriptions which are available on the product pages. This is the only reason why detailed and descriptive product descriptions help online customers in making quick purchasing decisions. Therefore, if you have product descriptions that are not created or written by professional writers, then there are chances that you may lose your potential customers too often and too fast.

We at Data4eCom, have years of experience in creating detailed and high-quality product descriptions that are not only creative but are even SEO-friendly. We have been offering premium eCommerce product description writing services for 8+ years. Making us your unique product description writing services partner will ensure that your eCommerce business will never again suffer because of duplicated or poor content.

The content by our product description copywriters is unique, strategic, purposeful, lucid, SEO-friendly, and above all, relevant. We understand well that uniqueness and originality are the key markers of a good product description and the descriptions which are copied and reproduced from a manufacturer’s website can cost an eCommerce business very dearly as they can result in a drastic fall in the page rank of the web-store. Therefore we are bound to provide detailed, accurate, and high quality product descriptions that will not only attract the targeted audience but will boost your sales and business revenue.

What Makes Us the Best Outsourcing Partner For All Your Product Description and Writing Needs?

  • At Data4eCom, a premium product description writing company, we have a dedicated team of professional and experienced product description copywriters who have expertise in creating clever catchphrases and appealing and informative descriptions.
  • We have professional writers that are specifically trained to perform their own research to understand a product and its features and then come up with a detailed and high quality product description that can help your customers get insights of the products so that they can make quick purchasing decisions.
  • The eCommerce description writing professionals at can unpack manufacturers’ jargon and convey its meaning in simple, everyday language. We can easily portray even the most technical aspects of a product in lucid, easily comprehensible language. We never just reproduce the information that the manufacturer provides.
  • We at Data4eCom provide SEO description writing services and have expertise in creating keyword rich and SEO friendly product descriptions that can not only improve the page rank of your web store or eCommerce website but can even help you in attracting more of your target audience.
  • Our product descriptions contain answers to every possible query which a potential buyer might have in his head. We engage and persuade a buyer without ever patronizing him. We assuage whatever concerns that a buyer might have and convince him of the merit of buying a product from your eCommerce website or web store.
  • Whenever relevant, we juxtapose our descriptions with user reviews so that a buyer’s confidence in what is being offered is enhanced further.
  • The best thing about our eCommerce copywriting services is that we create unique and catchy headings and place the product descriptions beneath them. This helps your potential customers to understand the product just by looking at the titles and the headings which ultimately improves your customer’s online shopping experience.
  • We are versatile and can tailor our language and style to suit a product and the customer base it is aimed at. For example, we understand fully well that clothing meant for teenagers cannot be described the same way as apparel that targets more mature customers, or, for that matter, that trekking shoes aimed at adventure seekers and formal footwear must be described in a vastly different language. With our eCommerce page description writing services, we will help you explore and penetrate every segment of the market.

Our eCommerce Product Description Services Include

  • Creating Unique Titles

    Creating Unique Titles

    Our product description copywriters understand that the product titles should be short, descriptive, and meaningful. Also, they have a sound understanding that the different platforms have different norms for creating titles. We have expertise in creating unique and relevant product titles that will not only describe your products in the best possible way but will be catchy so that your customers can easily recall them when required.

    We have a dedicated team of professional product description copywriters that will create SEO friendly titles that are enriched with relevant keywords and product features. Our writers have expertise in creating product titles for multiple eCommerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, or other individual websites.

  • Writing Product Descriptions

    Writing Product Descriptions

    We have trained professionals that have years of experience in creating unique and detailed product descriptions for the product pages. Our experts in eCommerce copywriting services can handle writing product descriptions required for bulk product uploads. Also, our experts can write product descriptions for global markets.

    While creating product descriptions, we will take care of the following things:

    • Our experts will try to include the most significant information of your product description within the first 200 characters. The reason behind this being that search engines including Amazon indexes the first 200 characters, while the rest are left for the customers.
    • The product descriptions created by our experts will not only help your customers find your products easily on the eCommerce platform but will ensure that your customers get detailed insights of your products by just reading their descriptions.
    • Our experts will create SEO friendly, engaging, and unique descriptions for your products.
  • Including Product Highlights

    Including Product Highlights

    Including product highlights in your product descriptions is an important part of eCommerce copywriting services & our experts will accurately and precisely include all the essential product information along with professionally edited images for eCommerce store.

    Every eCommerce platform has different rules for creating bullet points and our experts are well versed with almost each one of them. Therefore, while creating bullet points for Amazon product pages we will take care of all the guidelines including starting each bullet point with a capital letter, adding no ending punctuation to it, etc.

    We have been providing our premium eCommerce page description writing services to our clients for years now and we are well aware of the do’s and don’ts of forming the bullet points. Therefore, we assure you that everything will be in place.

  • Adding Meta Titles And Meta Descriptions

    Adding Meta Titles And Meta Descriptions

    Meta titles and descriptions are important when it comes to increasing the search-engine rankings of your product pages. As a part of our premium eCommerce description writing services, our experts will assist you in creating SEO friendly, catchy, and engaging attention-grabbing meta titles and descriptions for your product pages.

    We have a dedicated team of SEO professionals that will create rich meta titles and descriptions for your products so that they can rank well on the search engines and your target audience can easily find them on the eCommerce platform.

What Should the Perfect Product Descriptions Contain?

  • eCommerce Website Content Management

    Brand Identity

    Do not forget that creating product descriptions are a lot more than just describing your products and therefore, your descriptions must be capable of positioning your brand and creating its unique identity so that you can stand out from the rest of the competitors in the competitive market.

  • eCommerce Website Content Management

    Engage with the Audience

    The product descriptions that you are using on your product pages must be created in a way that each of the descriptions should target the specific audience. A well written product description that has been specifically created for a segment of customers will not only engage your targeted audience but will even make them easily understand your products.

  • eCommerce Website Content Management

    Explain the Benefits

    Creating a detailed product description with loads of information but nothing important is of no use. Keep in mind that the product description should contain bulleted information that can highlight the unique and key features of the product. This information that will explain the benefits of the product will help your potential customers to make quick purchasing decisions, which will not only boost your sales but will increase your conversion rates too.

  • eCommerce Website Content Management


    The product descriptions for your product pages should be created in a way that they are easier for your potential customers to scan the entire description and read it without putting in much effort. Also, the product descriptions should be written using the simplest language and sentences so that the customers can read the descriptions in one go and can get insights of your products quickly.

  • eCommerce Website Content Management

    Impactful Language

    As a part of eCommerce copywriting services, we ensure that the language that we are using while creating the product descriptions is simple, succinct, and powerful enough to leave a positive impact on your target audience. Remember, that the purpose of creating the product description will only be fulfilled if your customer will read the description, understand your product and add the product quickly to the cart and purchase it.

  • eCommerce Website Content Management


    The product descriptions should not just describe your products in the simple text but should be engaging and rather include all the important elements such as bullet points, quick highlights, important features, short and long descriptions, product specs, and instructions.

  • eCommerce Website Content Management

    Strong Calls to Action

    Good and well written product descriptions besides just describing the product engages the customers to the product and forces them to buy. Our professional writers will build strong calls to action into your sales copy, resulting in more conversions for you.

  • eCommerce Website Content Management

    Highlight Key Features

    You can tell when product descriptions are written by writers who don't understand the products. Our writers take the time to understand each product so they can properly highlight just how great the product is. This delivers a better user experience and boosts conversion rates.

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Questions to Answer Your Queries

What is the best way to get unique product descriptions?

If you are looking forward to creating the product descriptions that can actually drive traffic to your web store or an eCommerce website, then you should think no more and straight away connect with a renowned eCommerce description writing services provider available in the market.

We at Data4eCom have been providing product description writing services for eCommerce websites to our global clients and are one of the market players when it comes to providing eCommerce content writing services. You can connect with us and we will assist you in creating unique product descriptions for your product pages.

Is it ok to use product descriptions from manufacturers?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to use product descriptions from manufacturers but chances are that multiple other sites have been using the same content and the content that you will use will not be able to make your product ranks higher on the search engines. Also, you won’t be able to add your brand’s voice to them.

How Much Do You Charge For Revisions?

We offer unlimited revisions and that too free of cost. So, you can just ask us to revise your product pages without worrying about hidden costs.

Do I need to format the descriptions?

No, you do not need to format the product descriptions provided by us at all as we already write them in HTML. Besides this, we use correct line breaks and bullet points to make the product descriptions appear correctly on your eCommerce website.

Do I get a free trial?

Yes, we offer free trials to our customers so that they can get a taste of our services and offerings.

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