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While eBay offers sellers a great platform to showcase their awesome range of products, they face several challenges in a highly competitive marketplace. Creating competitive product listings that rank, with attractive titles and good quality images is not everyone’s cup of tea. Marketing your store, managing inventory and setting the right price and strategy for your products isn’t easy either. This is exactly where you should hire eBay virtual assistants.

Data4eCom offers high-quality, affordable eBay Virtual Assistant Services in 200 countries to clients that manufacture and sell all types of products on eBay. With over 20 years of experience, we have a team of 1,000+ dedicated eBay VAs working with hundreds of clients to help skyrocket their eBay sales. Have a look at our impressive all-encompassing range of services and make the most of the Data4eCom advantage.

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Extensive Tasks Performed by Our eBay Virtual Assistants

eBay Virtual Assistants for Account Creation

  • Our virtual assistants for eBay set up your account on eBay Seller Central and enter all your details.
  • We link your eBay account with your Facebook, Google and Apple accounts.
  • We enter the entire full seller information, along with taxation information.
  • We provide you access to your eBay Seller Central account, and get in touch with you 24*7 in case of any issues.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Product Listing

  • eBay product listing involves creating listings for products on your eBay store. This also involves eBay categorization and entering metadata for your store as well as for your products.
  • Each product on eBay belongs to a different category. We enter the correct product information - such as listing format, styles, colors, listing duration and category for all your products.
  • We also offer bulk eBay product listing services for sellers looking for bulk uploads.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Content Writing

  • We write all your eBay content and copy, including title content, description copy - with bullet points and USPs, store information copy and brand copy.
  • We also add product identifiers such as brand name, GTIN and MPN so that whenever users search for their desired products - your listing is featured in the search results.
  • We write attractive product titles and descriptions that turn heads and compel visitors to buy products for your store.
  • We bring out the best of your product through our copy and make buyers bid for the highest price to buy your products.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Search Optimization

  • We know the value of products that rank, and that is why we make your products rank right at the top.
  • We include relevant keywords after doing a comprehensive research and make your products rank for keywords with various levels of search volume and competition.
  • We design your store, product copy and other metadata in such a manner that users can find your products just by typing relevant keywords on Google and other search engines outside eBay as well.

eBay Assistants for Marketing

  • We ensure your store does not go unnoticed by showcasing it to the world. We market your store to interested buyers so that they can find all their desired products in a single store - and that is yours.
  • We market your store to eBay users as well as general online users.
  • We also market your stores to bulk buyers in different geographical locations, so that you receive huge orders and can generate instant profits with your products in no time.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Social Media Handling

  • We set up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles for your eBay store.
  • We create and schedule posts, upload photos and videos, reply to messages and comments and create enough engagement to get people to talk about your eBay store.
  • We follow organic social media marketing as well as manage paid social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to direct maximum users to your eBay stores and product pages.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Image Editing and Processing

  • Whether it is for your products or eBay store, we handpick the best images for your brand on eBay.
  • We work on original product images and edit them to suit eBay’s standards and attract maximum customers for your brand.
  • We have image editing experts on board that work on various aspects of your images, such as background, shadows and enhancement. We improve your eBay store presentation through banners as well.

Order Processing and Inventory Management

  • No one handles eBay order processing better than us. We ensure order fulfillment and inventory management, avoiding any chances of delay.
  • We ensure that your products never go out of stock, and that you can manage bulk orders on a daily basis without any delay in deliveries.
  • We also ensure that your products are fit for delivery to other states and countries by storing and packing them appropriately.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Competitor Analysis

  • With eBay competitor analysis, we provide you with actionable reports of your competitors, providing data of their products, USPs, pricing, discounts, package volumes and sales.
  • You can use this data to choose the products you want to list on eBay, set prices and seasonal discounts, modify your descriptions and USPs and target your local and international buyers in a more effective way.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Response Handling Services

  • Response handling includes customer support handling, query handling as well as review handling. We handle and manage all the grievances of your buyers, and ensure there are negligible negative responses on your eBay store.
  • Our experts engage with your buyers and potential buyers with a personal touch, ensuring they stick around and stay loyal to your brand and keep coming back to you.
  • We also focus on creating loyal customers and generating bulk leads.

eBay Virtual Assistants for Seller Hub metrics

  • eBay Seller Hub metrics help you access the number of visitors, buyers, sales information, bounce rate and other historical data that can help you with your future strategy.
  • We analyze your eBay Seller Hub metrics and create reports you can use to make instant decisions.
  • Our eBay Seller virtual assistants present information to you in the form of Excel sheets, graphs, pie charts and written reports to enlist standout points and suggestions for your brands.

eBay Virtual Assistants for PPC Campaign Management

  • We manage eBay PPC campaigns for you, to promote your products to the maximum number of buyers.
  • Our eBay assistants work on all kinds of budgets and run campaigns to get maximum buyers for your products at your desired budgets.
  • We create customized campaigns to target different kinds of users, and create strategies to set the total campaign budget, duration and ad copy for all your products and your eBay store.

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How we have changed eBay seller’s fortunes with our VA services:

  • Provided eBay VA services to hundreds of sellers, reducing average costs by 70%.
  • 60% increase in sales for all our eBay sellers on average.
  • 55% of our clients rank on the first page of eBay search for most relevant search terms.
  • Companies hiring our eBay VAs have saved up to 20% of their salary budgets.

Why Data4eCom’s eBay VA Services Are Better Than The Rest

  • High Quality Services

    We offer quality services and are one of the most recognized names in eBay VA services.

    Our eBay experts are well trained, experienced and offer eBay specific solutions.

    All our eBay experts follow standard procedures and respond to all your queries, ensuring a smooth exchange of services and seamless functioning of your eBay store.

  • Multidimensional approach

    Our eBay Virtual Assistants offer 360-degree services and go beyond the conventional approach to ensure your brand stays on the top.

    Our virtual assistants manage not only your eBay store, listings, content, PPC campaigns and images - but also your store’s SEO, social media, competitor analysis, orders and inventory and seller metrics.

    Our eBay VAs are flexible in their approach and keep finding ways to ensure your brand stands out.

  • Global Presence

    We have eBay virtual assistants in nearly every geographical location on the planet.

    Our offshore virtual assistants work according to your desired timings, and are available on a very short notice.

    Once you start working with our eBay experts, you can get in touch with them through direct messaging and get an instant response.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our affordable pricing helps you reduce your operational costs.

    Despite the superior quality of our virtual assistant services, our prices are among the lowest in the market.

    You can save valuable money while hiring cost-effective eBay VAs with us, and utilize your budget in other projects that can help your business grow.

  • Reduced Workload

    Our eBay virtual assistant services ensure reduced workload and ensure more work in less time.

    This reduces the stress you have to otherwise deal with and helps you focus on your area of expertise.

    You hardly have to worry about any aspect of your eBay store, as our VAs help you smoothly sail through your eBay journey and achieve unprecedented milestones.

  • Improve Your Online Presence

    Our eBay VAs help improve your online presence - not only on eBay - but outside it as well.

    As our VAs take care of all aspects surrounding your eBay store, your digital footprint increases and your online reputation grows.

    This helps your ratings on social media, search engines and external websites as well - helping overall lead generation.

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Data Confidentiality Guarantee

  • With Data4eCom, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement and sign a safety undertaking for your data.
  • Your data is our responsibility, and any loss, leakage or rupture will be borne by us.
  • We protect your personal information as well, and all our interactions will be confidential.

Save Resources

  • Save the burden of extra resources such as office space, computer, sick leave, training, insurance, retirement benefits by hiring the best eBay experts with Data4eCommerce.
  • Our services help you save money and precious time that you can invest on acquiring other useful assets for your organization.

Get Started Selling on eBay Today With Our eBay VAs!

With Data4eCom, you can hire eBay VAs on a monthly, weekly and even hourly basis. Our eBay assistants are always there for you, to answer all your queries and help you out of sticky situations on eBay.

The best thing is that every second and dime you spend on our experts would yield positive results and only maximize your eBay profits. Enjoy your eBay journey and maximize your sales by targeting buyers from all around the globe with our specialized team of experts to help you at every stage.

You can contact Data4eCom anytime and email all your eBay virtual assistant requirements to info@data4ecom.com. You can get a free quote once you email all your requirements, and enjoy great seasonal discounts that we are offering on eBay virtual assistant services.


What services can I expect from eBay virtual assistants? eBay virtual assistants help you with a wide variety of services, such as product listing, content writing, store marketing, order processing, response handling, Seller Hub management, social media handling, search engine optimization, image editing and processing, inventory management, eBay competitor analysis, and PPC campaigns.
What advantages do our eBay VAs offer over other virtual assistants? Data4eCom provides 360-degree VA services with 100% data security and 70% less costs. 55% of Data4eCom’s client listings rank on the first page of eBay search. You can expect a 60% increase in your eBay sales after hiring VAs from Data4eCom. Data4eCom’s virtual assistants are present in nearly all geographical locations and on a 24*7 basis.
What are the hiring and payment models that eBay virtual assistants offer? eBay virtual assistants offer the most flexible payment models. You can hire eBay virtual assistants on a monthly, weekly and even hourly basis. This also provides eBay sellers the flexibility to hire virtual assistants only when needed, and begin with short-term targets and hire them for longer runs when needed. The pricing packages are affordable, highly customized and offer reduced rates for bulk services and long-term contracts.
Contact Data4eCom.com to discuss your specific requirements concerning eBay Product Listings and see how we can customize our services to meet your needs.

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