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Meta tags are snippets that inform search engines and users what your website is all about. Acting as a strong marketing tool, Meta descriptions can efficiently communicate your brand message to the visitors and strongly influence the website traffic, thus resulting in increased click-through rates.

With Meta description writing services, Data4eCom supports businesses of all shapes and sizes in giving a snapshot of their products and services while selling them with precise and powerful content. Having thorough knowledge of search algorithms of Google, Yahoo and Bing, our team of copywriters and SEO specialists creates relevant, eye-catching and original title tags and Meta descriptions that briefly explain the web page's content and drives more traffic to your site.

A Glance at Our Meta Description Writing Services

As Meta tags serve a purpose to both man and machine, our experts carefully craft precise, clear, engaging and keyword-rich Meta titles, descriptions and tags that not only represent the web page’s content to your potential customers but also convince them to click on the links and lead to a better rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

As part of Meta description writing services, we make sure that we incorporate the keywords you are targeting in your Meta descriptions – so that your page appears for those search terms, while at the same time we also ensure that your meta descriptions are not spammed with keyword-stuffed content.

When you outsource Meta description writing services to Data4eCom, our experts create and optimize Meta titles as well as descriptions.

Meta Titles

As title tags are the first thing that a user will see following a search, our experts create precise, noticeable and compelling titles with relevant keywords that entice visitors to click through to the website. As part of Meta titles writing services, our copywriters make sure that the title tags are:

  • Precise and Appealing: We keep the Meta titles short yet persuasive by exactly stating what the content on the web page is all about.
  • Of Recommended Length: Our copywriters ensure that the titles are of maximum of 55-60 characters.
  • Unique across the Site: We create unique title tag for each web page.

Further, our experts use pipes | to separate phrases and keywords, and also include the company’s name in the title, if required.

Meta Descriptions

To further describe your web content to the visitors, our copywriters create informative yet precise Meta descriptions that draw user’s attention and compels them to click through to the site. We adhere to the guidelines of search engines and make sure that the descriptions are:

  • Unique and SEO-friendly: Our copywriters highlight the USPs of your products and services, and create unique & keyword-rich Meta descriptions that engage users and compel them to visit the website.
  • Concise and of Recommended Length: While highlighting the benefits of your products and services, we ensure that the descriptions are of maximum 155-160 characters to avoid the message being truncated by the search engines and appear less effective to the audience.
  • Engaging and Compelling: Using Meta descriptions as a marketing message, our copywriters create engaging descriptions that appeal to customer’s interest and
  • Have Strong Call-To-Action: We add a clear and effective call-to-action like ‘Discover our new range’, ‘Find out about’, ‘Get in Touch’, etc. to compel users to visit the page and explore more about your products and services.

We also add accreditations in the descriptions, if required, to influence users to click on the link.

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