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Don't miss out on the biggest online marketplace for home remodeling and design! Upload product data and images to your Houzz account effortlessly with Data4eCom.

Whether you're an online merchant selling home decor items, an architect or an interior decorator looking for clients with requirements for creating a functional space plan, reorganizing the current floor plan, designing the interiors of a new home, or a subcontractor trying to find clients requiring some construction work in their house, Houzz is the marketplace to be. Over 40 Million monthly visitors throng Houzz for the most awesome ideas and products to buy. Houzz.com provides a great opportunity to businesses and individuals to promote themselves and reach out to millions of potential customers from across the globe.

Who should Use Houzz.Com for Listing Their Products or Services?

  • Companies selling home decor products for home improvement, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & dining, storage & organization, garden, baby & kids, housekeeping & utility, home electronics, pet supplies, seasonal decorations, etc.
  • Retailers and manufacturers selling home accessories & furnishings
  • Bath remodeling companies
  • Real estate firms and building suppliers
  • Contractors and realtors
  • Furniture designers
  • Kitchen contractors
  • Interior decorators
  • Landscape architects
  • Lighting designers
  • Home stagers
  • Lawn and sprinkler companies
  • Photographers
  • Design schools and organizations
  • Environmental services and restoration work

How Data4eCom can help you List Your Products or Services on Houzz.com?

Data4eCom helps clients to get their product data listed on Houzz.com. Our Houzz listing services include product title creation, product description writing, product image editing and retouching, etc. We also offer inventory management solutions to help keep your inventory levels updated and in check at all times. We make sure that your service and product listings are in compliance with Houzz specifications and guidelines.

  • Creating Your Profile: Your profile on Houzz will help your potential clients to connect with you. We ensure that your email, phone number, website details and postal address are mentioned correctly and your specializations and area of expertise are highlighted well through your profile, giving your potential customers a glimpse into what they can expect by opting for your products and services. We can help you in creating informative blurbs about your business.
  • Uploading a Portfolio: Showcasing your work to your potential customers is important to build confidence in them to trust your products and services. We can help you upload high quality product images and work samples. Once your portfolio images are uploaded our experienced professionals can help you edit and organize these into Ideabooks.
  • Creating Tags: Tags not only help your customers in identifying what the photo is all about, but also to search for them on Houzz. A tag could be 'dining table', but should also include 'wooden' and 'glass top" so as to get the best response.
  • Sharing Ideabooks: Generating interest, collaborating and networking with designers, architects, home decorators, etc., is what will help drive your business on Houzz. We can help you create Ideabooks using projects you have worked on or with a common theme highlighting different projects. Making these public can help boost engagement rates, which is crucial for driving traffic and conversions.

How Data4eCom Can Help You Increase Your Brand Exposure On Houzz?

We make sure that your potential customers discover you on Houzz.com by adding:

  • A wide range of quality product images
  • Popular and appropriate keywords
  • Tons of good customer/client reviews
  • Detailed description supporting the images
  • Houzz badge to your business website
  • Questions on the boards to connect with customers
  • Fresh content regularly to keep customers interested

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