eCommerce Product Data Cleansing & Normalization Services

eCommerce Product Data Cleansing & Normalization

At we offer fast and cost-effective eCommerce data cleansing and normalization services to rid your eStore product data of errors, inconsistencies, duplication, and lacunae. As a part of our data cleansing and normalization services we will also standardize your eStore’s data and remove all that is redundant from it. Our professionals are highly skilled, experienced and versatile and have accomplished numerous complex and elaborate data cleansing and normalization projects within a very brief turnaround time. Make us your outsourcing partner and help your ecommerce business scale ever greater heights of success.

Benefits of Making your eCommerce Product Data Cleansing and Normalization Services Partner:

  • At we are very methodical. We begin by carrying out a thorough audit of your product data and identify all errors, gaps and duplication in it. We also devise data cleansing rules as per your requirements.
  • Once the data audit is done and product data cleansing rules are set, we will perform a pilot cleansing and normalization operation to determine the efficacy of the devised rules.
  • We will identify all the time sensitive data in your product data and update it. Whenever necessary, thus, we will update product prices and product availability.
  • Trace and correct errors in product descriptions. We will also take care to remove all typos from your product descriptions.
  • We will standardize the units of weights and measure and the expansion of abbreviations.
  • We will add whatever product data we find missing.
  • We will trace and correct all the errors in product data.
  • As a part of data normalization we will remove all redundant and obsolete information.

At we have been offering eCommerce data cleansing and normalization services for six years. We have the experience of performing data cleansing and normalization on every major eStore platform and marketplace like, Magento, Shopify, xCart, 3dCart, Zen Cart, Volusion, osCommerce, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Every data cleansing and normalization project is overseen by a dedicated Project Manager. The Project Manager has lengthy email discussions with our clients to understand their expectations and requirements. He then scales our team and customizes our services accordingly. The Project Manager also keeps the client regularly updated on the progress of the work.

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