eCommerce Product Data Management Services

Clean, normalize, standardize, validate, enrich and
consolidate disparate product data into consistent, reliable and actionable information.

Product Data Management

Having vague, inaccurate or incomplete product data not only discourage customers to make a purchase from you but also dwindles your store trust. Especially in eCommerce, where prospects are more inclined to product information. This calls for availing eCommerce product data management services from a specialized vendor who can enrich your product data with periodic data cleansing, de-duplication, and normalization in quick turnaround time.

At Data4eCom, we have a stellar track record of providing eCommerce product data management services to our customers in a wide variety of business verticals. Some of the key services provided by our Product Data Management team include:

eCommerce data management services

Involves classification of products to UPC, UPN, UNSPSC, eClass, SMD, NAICS, SIC, EGII, JPPSG, MESC, NIGP, ECRI, NDA or any other taxonomies.

eCommerce catalog management services

Involves building category tree structure in addition to defining attributes, grading the attributes by prominence within the category, and establishing data capture rules for each category attributes.

product data management services

Involves cleansing and normalization of products descriptions, which in turn helps in having short & long descriptions next to noun, modifier, and vendor name and part number, UOM, Attributes, etc.

product data management services

Involves enhancing the quality and richness of data, extracting and developing attributes, manually sourcing additional data and information from suppliers and manufacturer website.

eCommerce data management services

Involves de-duplication and identifying relationships by matching, linking and merging data to create optimized records.

eCommerce data management services

Involves migrating data from lower version to higher versions on up-gradations.

Why Outsource eCommerce Product Data Management Services to Data4eCom

  • Organize newly added items on your site
  • Optimize all new products on your site
  • Promote featured products and special offers aggressively
  • Create and distribute newsletters to drive your site visits and sales
  • Design "custom" features that suit best to your store’s requirements

How Product Data Management Services Can Benefit Your Business

By outsourcing product data management services to our talented and experienced professionals, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Optimize operational resources
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Lower costs
  • Enhance product visibility for better sales and conversions
  • Better product feeds

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