Product Data Enrichment for eCommerce Store Selling Lighting, Furniture and Home Appliances

The Client

A UK based Online Store selling lighting, furniture and home appliances.

Project requirements:

Our client offered a large range of lighting, furniture and home appliances produced by some top manufacturers in Europe. For some time, however, he had noticed a steep decline in the conversion rate of his eCommerce Store. Only about 0.5% of the people visiting his eCommerce Store were buying anything from it. This was an alarming six times less than the average conversion rate of eCommerce sites which stands at 3%. Nonplussed, our client began investigating and soon realized that it was due to ambiguities, gaps and duplication in product data. A lot of time sensitive information had lapsed too. The integrity of his product data, thus, was seriously marred. Apparently, his eCommerce Store’s product data was not inspiring confidence in shoppers, it was just not comprehensive enough to lead them to the checkout page.

The challenges:

  • Urgency of the situation. The eCommerce Store had been running on loss for six months and time was running out. The project had to be turned around in the briefest possible time. Any delay and our client would have had to sell his business.
  • The greatly decayed state of the data. Our client’s product data was in a state of great confusion. Almost every aspect of it, from product attributes to product descriptions to product images was in need of enrichment.
  • The variety of domain expertise required. Because of the range and heterogeneity of products offered by our client, an equally diverse spectrum of domain expertise was needed to enrich his product data.
  • The number and complexity of product categories. The product categories were very large in number and equally intricate. This made tracing and remedying the gaps, inconsistencies and duplication in product data very difficult.

Our solution:

Depending upon the domain expertise – whether in lighting products, furniture or home appliances – we divided our Product Data Enrichment Services professionals into three teams. A fourth team was created to research and capture product attributes and assist the other three teams. Each team carried out a thorough audit of the product data in its particular category and drew up a data enrichment plan. We meticulously identified the gaps, duplication and inconsistencies in product data and set about removing them. Whenever required, we expanded the abbreviations, removed typos and made the units of weights and measure consistent. Special care was taken to make the time sensitive data such as product prices and product attributes up-to-date. Our photo editors touched up the product images and made them more pleasing to the eyes. Besides, our writers worked on the product descriptions and made them unique and keyword rich. The project was turned around very fast and in a manner that our client’s expectations were not just met but surpassed. His business’s health was restored. Soon, the conversion rate of his eCommerce Store increased by a good 50%. 

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