eCommerce Product Catalog Content Management Services

eCommerce Product Catalog Content Management Services

eCommerce catalogs consist of massive data including product descriptions, product details, product images, product dimensions, prices, shipping policies, etc. And yes, it is quite challenging to maintain and manage such a large amount of information and therefore requires specialized skills.

A well-managed catalog is crucial to the success of an eCommerce store. It must categorize its products intelligently so that a visitor finds what he is looking for without difficulty. An eStore catalog must also be regularly updated with products, product features, prices, and product availability. All this requires one to handle massive quantities of data. Whether new or well established, these tasks can strain the resources and manpower of any eCommerce business.

We at Data4eCom, are experts in content and catalog management in eCommerce, creating, uploading, and updating professional and error-free catalog content for our client’s eCommerce store. We have a dedicated team of experts that works specifically to design fresh layouts, create new content, update product descriptions, and enhance catalog appearance by using attractive and high quality product images, videos, and other digital assets.

Managing Your eCommerce Catalog Content Efficiently and Accurately

  • Along with a dedicated eCommerce catalog content management team, we have years of experience in serving our global clientele in every aspect of eCommerce catalog content management and therefore, we can skillfully handle the massive data that the job requires.
  • Our dedicated content and catalog management team have expertise in adding the required content to your product catalog including product names and titles, brand names, manufacturer’s identity, part numbers, and SKUs. Our professionals are capable of adding the required information to your product catalog with hundred percent accuracy.
  • Our experts will not only add the required content to your product catalog but will also categorize the products under the right categories and will regularly update their availability and prices. This will enhance your customer’s shopping experience.
  • Besides managing the content for your product catalog, our experts provide eCommerce competitor price monitoring which will capture and compare product prices from your competitor websites. This will help you in offering the best prices to your buyers which will not only boost your sales but will increase your customer retention rate.
  • We can take the product data in various formats including CSV, MS Excel, PDF, hardcopy, or as a secure FTP download.
  • Our professionals are capable of providing eCommerce catalog content management services both online and offline. We can enter the catalog data on CSV or MS Excel which the client can later upload online, or a client can provide us the administration password for us to perform the updates at the back end of the eCommerce website.
  • We will help you in making your product catalog alluring and engaging by adding high quality and attractive product images and by creating detailed and accurate product descriptions. This will help your customers get insights of the products in no time and they can make quick purchase decisions.
  • Unoriginal or copied product descriptions can not only impact the rankings of your products on the search engines but it is even worse for your brand image. Our talented and dedicated writers will create original product descriptions for you that will increase the visibility of your products among the target audience.
  • If required, the skilled photo editors at Data4eCom can retouch and enhance product images for greater impact. The product images can either be provided to us by the client or we can source them ourselves from the manufacturer’s websites.
  • Our experts have a sound knowledge of SEO and they will use popular and relevant keywords while creating product content to make sure that your products rank higher on the search engines. Also, our experts will ensure that your catalog content, product meta titles, and meta tags are keyword rich and SEO friendly.
  • We will also help you in adding new pages to your eStore catalog.

eCommerce Catalog Management Services We Offer

  • Catalog Product Data Entry

    Catalog Product Data Entry

    It is essential to update, add and delete products on the catalog of the eCommerce web stores to keep the store maintained, attractive, and engaging. Also, a well maintained eCommerce web store attracts a larger target audience. Therefore you can opt for our catalog product data entry services, our experts will take data from the pdf catalog or any other sources provided by you and will update your product catalogs with accurate and quality data.

  • Catalog Product Image Processing

    Catalog Product Image Processing

    Adding high quality and attractive product images to your product catalogs is essential for your eCommerce businesses as the product image can make or break a sale. We at Data4eCom are here to serve you for all your image processing requirements from enhancing the quality of your images to rectifying the image related errors.

    We have years of experience in providing catalog product image editing and retouching to our global clientele. Our experts use advanced image editing tools like Photoshop to render clear and visually enticing images. Also, we will make sure that all the product images that we will edit for your product catalogs will be attractive and of high quality to drive maximum traffic at your web store. Our experts will ensure that all the product images that are used on your product catalogs comply with the image upload guidelines of the eCommerce platform.

  • Catalog Category Management

    Catalog Category Management

    If not categorized in a professional way, your potential customers can find it difficult to navigate the online product catalogs. We are one of the market players when it comes to providing eCommerce product catalog management services.

    We will classify the product catalogs accurately and sort them across various categories in order to ensure that visitors find their desired products easily. Our experts will ensure that your potential customers can easily navigate the online product catalogs and they get the best shopping experience from your web store.

  • Updating Product Catalog Data

    Updating Product Catalog Data

    With years of experience and a dedicated team on board, we can update your product catalog data with 100% accuracy. We have been updating product catalog data of our global clients for years now and our services include adding new information, descriptions, offers and current stock, etc.

    If you opt for our product catalog update services, the information of product catalogs on your eCommerce web stores will never get outdated. We will ensure that your potential customers will get the updated and accurate information with respect to the products they will purchase from your web store. This will not only boost your sales figures but will even improve your customer retention rate.

  • Catalog Data Cleanup

    Catalog Data Cleanup

    To stand apart from the rest of the competitors in the market and make your eCommerce web store successful, it is essential that you should clean up your product catalog data. We have a dedicated team of professionals that will regularly clean up the extra data from your product catalogs so that your catalogs will have the latest and the updated information for your potential customers. By taking our eCommerce data cleansing services, you can boost your SEO activities and can help your customers easily find the desired products and make quick purchase decisions which will improve your store’s sales as well.

  • Keyword Optimization

    Keyword Optimization

    Boost your product page visibility on various eCommerce platforms by taking our keyword optimization services. Our experts will include popular and relevant keywords on your product pages to let your potential customers search for required products easily from your web store. As a part of our keyword optimization services, we will optimize keywords across the product page, including URLs, titles, and meta descriptions.

    We have a team of dedicated SEO professionals that will make sure that all the keywords on your product pages are optimized and in line with your eCommerce platform’s SEO algorithms. By opting for our keyword optimization services you can just sit back and watch your customers getting the best shopping experience. Also, we will make sure that you get good sales, and can see a noticeable difference in your conversion rates and business revenue.

  • Normalization And Standardization

    Normalization And Standardization

    We will make sure that your product content is updated and standardized throughout the catalog. Keeping your product content updated and standardized on your product catalog will attract the required target audience thereby increasing traffic to your web store, boosting sales, and improving your conversion rate and business revenue.

Why Outsource Your Product Catalog Content Management Work to Us?

  • We have decades of experience when it comes to eCommerce development and maintenance, and have a customer retention rate of more than 95%.
  • We have a dedicated content and catalog management team that have years of experience in serving our global clients.
  • We have a dedicated quality assurance team that will check the quality of your catalog data before handling it to you.
  • We take a customized approach while providing product catalog content management services to our clients. Also, our service charges are very competitive and transparent, and we will never charge high from you.

Connect With Us

You can connect with us today to opt for our eCommerce product catalog content management services. We will add value to your eCommerce store by making your catalog attractive and engaging so that your products can rank higher on the search engines and you can attract a larger targeted audience.

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Questions to Answer Your Queries

What is eCommerce catalog content management? eCommerce Catalog management is a process of managing your eStore’s product catalog by uploading, enhancing, and updating the product details in a way to make your product catalog look attractive and engaging.
Why do online retailers need eCommerce catalog management? Ecommerce players usually have hundreds of SKUs to edit, enhance, and publish across multiple channels. The process is often challenging and often results in inconsistent product data. This creates a need for robust catalog content management support to drive traffic, improve conversion, and retain customers.
What is the process involved in eCommerce catalog content management services? eCommerce catalog management services include the following activities:
  • Creating detailed and SEO-friendly product descriptions
  • Adding product details, product images, product dimensions, prices, etc.
  • Professionally retouching and editing for each product image, and allowing 360-degree product view and image zooming option.
  • Streamlining the maintenance process and content updating.
Please get in touch with us to know more about our
eCommerce Catalog Content Management Services.

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