Creation Of Product Descriptions for Large eCommerce Store Selling an Assortment of Products

The Client

An Australia based eCommerce Store selling apparel, kitchenware and electronic goods

Project requirements:

The client offered for sale about 50,000 products on his eCommerce Store. Some of the top brands were represented in his product range. However, for some time, his eCommerce Store had been sliding down the page ranks. After some investigation, the client traced the reason down to the lack of uniqueness of most of his product descriptions. They had been copied from the manufacturers’ websites and were costing the client a lot of precious business. Our first brief was to thoroughly review ALL the product descriptions and identify the ones which were not original. Following this, we were to create original, key word rich descriptions for each of them.

The challenges:

  • The great product variety. This was not a specialized eCommerce Store selling only one kind of products. Since it sold apparel, kitchenware and electronic goods the amount of research required was just colossal.
  • The very large number of product descriptions. Editing, or writing anew, descriptions for 50,000 products, was indeed a challenge and we earnestly applied ourselves to the task.
  • A tight deadline. Our client was already losing business because of the declining page rank of his eCommerce Store. Delays would have compounded the losses.
  • The nuances of the language. The product descriptions had to be written keeping in mind certain particularities of Australian English usages. This added another task to the already crowded things-to-do list of our writers. They now had to imbibe the nuances of Australian English.
  • A rigid writing discipline. Our client wanted all the descriptions to be of a certain structure and tone.

The solution we devised:

We began by creating four teams to take charge of each aspect of the project. One team just reviewed the existing descriptions and determined their originality or otherwise, another team was entrusted with writing and a third team with editing. To assist the writers we created a team of researchers and language specialists conversant with Australian English usages. Every single product description was reviewed and traced to its original source. They were then re-written or edited as required. We were also careful to suitably enrich the product descriptions with keywords. Our writers wrote on products from each of the three categories – apparel, kitchenware or electronic goods - as per their domain expertise. We turned around the project a whole week before the deadline. Our lucid and original product descriptions not just raised the page rank of our client’s eCommerce Store but also improved his conversion rate by a good 58%. Because of the neatness with which we provided all the information in the descriptions, our client’s eCommerce Store’s pages now bore an uncluttered look.

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