eCommerce Multiple Marketplace Management Services

In eCommerce, today’s hot items are often tomorrow’s obsolete inventory.
A specialized product listing team holding experience in marketplace
inventory management can help!

Mutiple Marketplace Product Listing Services

If you are the owner of an eCommerce business and want to register a presence on popular marketplaces likes Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Sears, our Marketplace Product Listing Services are what you need. We will process and upload all your product data on these marketplaces accurately and at a very competitive rate. Our Marketplace Product Listing services are the most comprehensive that you can get.

When you make us your Marketplace Product Listing Services partner we will:

  • Adjust your product feed data as per the data feed specifications of a particular marketplace.
  • Capture and collate product data from multiple sources. Our marketplace product listing professionals are adept at capturing and compiling product data from PDF, online and hardcopy catalogs. We can, if needed, also gather product data from manufacturers’ websites.
  • Enter the product name, product features, brand name, manufacturers’ identity, etc. with one hundred percent accuracy.
  • Do product categorization. Products, unless categorized correctly, can escape a shopper’s attention altogether. Our Product Listing Services Professionals are highly skilled at categorizing products in a manner that a shopper finds them easily.
  • Optimize your product feed. We will make your product meta titles, meta tags and product descriptions keyword rich.
  • Craft original product descriptions.
  • Add product reviews. Positive and prominently displayed product reviews can increase sales and help you augment profits.
  • Edit the product images. The product image must be of a kind that it draws and arrests the attention of a shopper. Our canny photo editors will cleanse and enhance your product images by removing blemishes and by cropping and resizing them. If required, we can also erase unattractive backgrounds. We can produce product images of all kinds - thumbnail, zoom and custom defined.
  • Automate the product listing process using software. If your product data is too voluminous to be entered manually, we will use product listing software and bulk upload your product data.
  • Help you strategize. To maximize profits, it is crucial to have a product listing strategy. If you seek to be a niche player and want to upload not the most popular but the most paying products, we will do a product research and identify them for you.
  • Capture price and offers’ data from your competitor websites and help you fine tune your pricing strategy. When you are cognizant of your competitors’ prices you will be able to adjust your own prices suitably and offer the best possible deal to the shoppers.
  • Help you with order processing. We will take care of the entire order processing process, right from order validation to delivery.
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Marketplace Product Listing Services.

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