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Grow your business effectively, speedily & cost-consciously with skilled Amazon virtual assistants at your disposal!

Amazon Virtual assistants are a perquisite for entrepreneurs!

eCommerce sellers whose transactions mainly occur on the giant marketplace Amazon generally get conversant with the platform – its selling rules & policies, operations, requirements, services, etc.

But platform familiarity isn’t an issue for entrepreneurs. Instead, it is an added advantage. The issue is managing multiple facets of Amazon’s selling that may hinder entrepreneurs from running a successful eCommerce business.

No entrepreneur wants that!

An easy, quick, & cost-efficient solution to the problem? Hire an Amazon virtual assistant (VA).

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant for A-Z Store Management

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An Amazon virtual assistant is a remote working professional – highly skilled, qualified, & trained – who can serve as a permanent (full-time) employee for your eCommerce business at a comparatively low price. By having Amazon virtual assistants (VAs) on board to help with several tasks, you’ll get numerous benefits-

  • Time-Saving
  • Focus on business-critical tasks
  • Increase Productivity
  • Expert Solutions
  • Lower Business Cost
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Improved Process & Productivity

But, the trick to success lies in deciding what tasks to entrust to Amazon virtual assistants. Before you do that, it is important to consider your in-house team’s strengths and weaknesses, what operations take maximum time and the tasks that aren’t productive yet crucial for your business.

So, here is a list of 17 tasks you can entrust to Amazon VAs for the most efficient outcomes.

1. Amazon Virtual Assistant for Store Setup

To make a strong presence on the giant marketplace, it’s imperative to get your Amazon account store set up by an expert who has in-depth knowledge of the platform.

This is where an Amazon virtual assistant comes into the picture! With the right skill set, knowledge, & experience, they help you set up your store with utmost accuracy & speed.

No matter what your requirements be- Amazon FBA, brand registry, vendor central account set up, seller central account set up, an Amazon virtual assistant takes care of the entire cycle of your account setup.

2. Amazon Virtual Assistant for Data Analysis

A highly experienced Amazon virtual assistant can provide a comprehensive suite of data analytics solutions that can help solve two purposes –

  • Allow businesses to make informed decisions.
  • Enable organizations to modify & repurpose their business with data – precise, up-to-date, & relevant.

A specialized Amazon virtual assistant can handle data movement, extraction, cleaning, scrubbing, transformation, storage, analysis, assessment, and analytics for your eStore. They are also highly likely to deliver the best price-to-performance, extensibility, and minimum cost.

3. Amazon virtual assistant for Product Sourcing

The Product you add to the Amazon storefront for selling makes all the difference. Thus, it should be the ‘Right Product.’

An experienced Amazon VA, after thorough research on “Consumers Needs & Desires,” can come up with the right product ideas- that are high in demand and have less competition. Selling such products helps prospective and established Amazon sellers by ensuring better conversions, sales, & profit.

4. Amazon VA for Market Research

The last thing an entrepreneur running an Amazon business wishes for is a product that’s hard to sell. The reason is it costs them massive storage money, ties up cash flow, and stops business from growth & expansion.

So, it’s imperative to ensure that the product you plan to sell is viable.

An Amazon virtual assistant follows a thorough market research process and gives sellers accurate information related to restricted products, competitive niches, competitors’ strengths & weaknesses, and tender margins.

5. Amazon Virtual Assistant for Price Monitoring

A remote Amazon virtual assistant offers a comprehensive suite of price monitoring solutions. It includes-

  • Real-Time Price Monitoring
  • Competitive Price Optimization
  • Manual/ Automated Price Tracking Services
  • Competitive Price Analysis

With a thorough price monitoring, Amazon VAs enable you to consistently keep track of, analyze, and adjust your product prices to gain an advantage over the competition.

Moreover, your hired Amazon virtual assistant will keep you updated on your product stock levels, preventing your inventory from staying “stagnant” and keeping you updated with the latest market trends.

6. Amazon Virtual Assistant for Keyword Research

Experienced Amazon virtual assistants understand that this giant marketplace is also a clever search engine. Therefore, they carefully combine relevant context-rich keywords (with high opportunity & volume) that can successfully direct a search query to your product listing – resulting in-

  • Higher Incoming Traffic
  • Improved Conversions, Sales, and ROI
  • Better Search Results Ranking
  • Better Amazon Seller Ranking
  • Increased Click-through Rate

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7. Amazon Digital Assistant for Amazon Buy Box

Winning the Buy Box helps sellers in business expansion & growth. To help you win the Buy Box, Amazon virtual assistants ensure excellent seller metrics by-

  • Maintaining Inventory
  • Ensuring Faster Shipping
  • Maintaining Good Seller Rating
  • Pricing Products Competitively
  • Signing Up For Amazon FBA

8. Content Writing

Amazon content writing virtual assistants understand the importance of clear, concise, and attention-grabbing A+ content on the marketplace. Thus, they spend time understanding your products & potential customers and accordingly produce lucid yet powerful content that makes shoppers click and buy.

9. Virtual Assistant for Amazon Image Editing

Amazon virtual assistants make your listing enticing, buyer-friendly, and interactive with AI-powered product image editing – resulting in many benefits for your Amazon store –

  • Shoppers get a clear picture of what your product looks like.
  • Multiple angles of images help shoppers understand the product use cases easily.
  • Good photos Simply that the product is also of excellent quality.
  • Shoppers get more easily convinced with images than with a copy only- Images are silent sales associates.
  • Editing ensures easily accessible photos for all smart device users.
  • High-quality increases shoppers’ confidence in your store – resulting in better brand positioning.

10. Amazon Expert for Product Listing

Amazon virtual assistants use the data collected through product & market research, keyword research, competitive analysis, price monitoring, etc. to design an appropriate Amazon product listing – making it a market differentiator for sellers.

Amazon virtual assistants usually offer a comprehensive suite of product listing services. It includes creating listing variations and well-optimized and visually attractive product detail pages with all the necessary information-

  • Title
  • Description,
  • Images/Videos
  • Features
  • Pricing,
  • SKUs
  • Reviews
  • Attributes, etc.

Moreover, considering digital shoppers’ path to purchase, Amazon virtual assistants ensure that –

  • Descriptions on the page are informative, engaging, and compelling;
  • Product images are clear, attractive, & magnetizing.
  • Prices are competitive, revised & updated.
  • Attributes are precise, complete, & relevant.
  • Reviews are credible

Such comprehensive listings help shoppers make informed decisions.

11. Amazon Assistant for Listing Optimization

A well-optimized product listing- excellent, unique, rank-deserving, search engine friendly- includes many things.

  • Readable & Information-Rich Titles
  • Best-In-Class Product Images/Videos
  • Accurate & Sharply Focused Pointers
  • Rear-end Keywords (high-volume search terms)
  • Uniquely-Written Descriptions With Context Rich Integrated Keywords
  • Short, To-the-Point, & Relevant Answers to Customer Queries

Amazon virtual assistants keep a tab on these Amazon listing optimizations factors and devise a customized strategy that helps listings rank on top – resulting in increased conversion and sales.

12. Amazon VA for Inventory Management

Amazon Virtual Assistants keep a consistent tab on inventory to ensure management by –

  • Calculating Lead Time
  • Determining Sales Velocity
  • Maintaining Safety Stock
  • Checking Inbound Inventory
  • Managing Reorder
  • Inventory Checking During Q4, etc.

Doing so helps entrepreneurs in reducing carrying cost, alleviate Amazon’s fee for selling, and integrate inventory across all your listings.

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13. Amazon Virtual Assistant for PPC Management

Amazon virtual assistants for PPC management can help you get a higher conversion rate!

Before launching a PPC campaign, virtual assistants thoroughly research keywords (high volume, less competitive) to write ad copies that magnetize potential customers. Moreover, they work as an extension to your in-house team and ensure that the money you’ve spent on advertising/marketing adds to your conversion rate.

14. Amazon VA For Order Processing

With the right Amazon virtual assistant for order processing, sellers get many benefits that eventually lead to a better customer retention rate and an enhanced bottom line. These benefits include-

  • Order Authentication & Validation
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Processing
  • Packing and Shipping
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Refund Processing

15. Amazon Virtual Assistant for Customer Support

Experienced and dedicated Virtual Assistants deliver smooth and expeditious Amazon customer support. They facilitate the smooth management of customer interactions and provide distinctive and personalized real-time support to customers – resulting in benefits like-

  • Maximum Conversions
  • Improved Customer Responsiveness
  • Better Customer Retention, etc.

16. Amazon Feedback Reviews Management

Amazon virtual assistants increase eStore brand value and positioning by –

  • Promptly Removing Negative Reviews/Feedback/Comments
  • Continuously Monitoring Seller Rating
  • Effective Feedback Management, etc.

Moreover, they implement a robust strategy for review management that can enhance buyer loyalty, seller’s marketplace credibility, and sales performance.

17. Amazon Virtual Assistant for Return and Refund

An Amazon virtual assistant can handle all your eStore’s return and refund processes, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, retention, and brand value.

Bottom Line

Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant is rewarding for Amazon businesses if done right.

A highly skilled, trained and experienced VA knows the in and out of the Amazon marketplace and can prove to be solid assistance for entrepreneurs – helping them yield massive profits in no time. And, now that you know how to extract maximum productivity from an Amazon virtual assistant, the next step is to pick a resource that can support your business.
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Amazon Virtual Assistants – Answers To Most Asked Questions!

1. What is the best time to hire Amazon seller virtual assistants?

The best time to have Amazon virtual assistants on board would be during the store setup phase. Having highly skilled and experienced VAs on board for every Amazon task will help set up a profitable Amazon business – driving more traffic, sales, and profits. So if you’re running your business on Amazon and trying to be a star seller, hire them immediately.

2. What is the Amazon virtual assistant hiring model?

You can hire Amazon virtual assistants for numerous tasks depending on your requirements and budget. The best part about hiring virtual assistants is that they get paid on a gig basis, and you can scale the assistant team or downsize at will.

Such scalability and client-focused operational approaches are why most sellers prefer hiring remote assistants.

3. How to keep track of Amazon virtual assistants’ productivity?

As a seller, you need to use quantitative metrics to keep track of your Amazon virtual assistant productivity. Here, the key is to use the right tools and technology to connect with your remote assistant & measure performance.

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