Beat The Amazon Ban With Product Description Writings Tips

Amazon product description writing tips

Amazon’s marketplace has been nothing short of a revolution for both independent small-scale sellers and retail customers alike. Over 50% of the USA online retail shopping traffic goes through Amazon. It is a testament to its popularity and the convenience it offers to shoppers and sellers alike. And it maintains this popularity with the strict enforcement of its guidelines, especially for sellers.

If you are a seller looking to make it big on the marketplace, you must follow Amazon’s product description guidelines and prevent your account from facing bans.

The importance of having the correct product description can’t be overstated. It is the primary means of informing your page visitors about the products listed for sale. It’s also how you influence them to make that purchase by using the most appealing marketing language that converts clicks to purchases.

Ranking high on product search results pages should rank high on any seller’s priority list. It’s because most traffic to the pages is driven by marketing practices that push the content up the list on SERPs.

The Marketing Failures Caused By Product Description Errors

Amazon product description errors will hamper its marketing success severely. The algorithms behind Amazon and Google’s search engines will disregard your product page if they find deficiencies and discrepancies in the description.

If the page’s content counters the guidelines of each, it’ll be rendered irrelevant to the user’s query. As a result, you will lose out on gaining the visibility needed to succeed in the highly competitive eCommerce marketplace. Without the help of Amazon product description writers who can get it on-point and in compliance with Amazon’s guidelines, you could face account suspension.

While there are ways to recover from an Amazon account suspension, it’s always best to go with the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach. You can avoid the potential of a ban due to your product description problems altogether.

Product Description Errors & Listing Problems That Invite Account Bans

Product Description Errors & Listing Problems

A product listing aims to drive traffic to your product page and compel visitors to buy it from your listing. To achieve this, it becomes necessary to get creative and descriptive with the process.

Amazon understands this aspect and even encourages it through its Amazon A+ content provision. It also simultaneously watches the content closely to ensure it does not violate any Amazon product description guideline.

Some of the situations that do violate those guidelines and will open your account to bans are:

Providing False Or Misleading Information

A thorough product description should have information sourced from multiple origins. Sometimes, the sources may be less than accurate, leading to your product description carrying false information.

Then, the buyer will be misled about its features, capabilities, resource consumption, pricing, shipping rates, dates, etc. While it may seem a trivial matter at the outset, the repercussions can be severe.

For instance, if you’re selling an electrical appliance that consumes a lot of power, then that power consumption value needs to be accurate. If you mention a lower value for any reason, it could lead to the customer plugging it into a wall socket that cannot handle that kind of power.

As a result of such Amazon product description errors, that house could face an electrical fire. Therefore, Amazon takes a very stringent anti-misinformation view towards its product listing facility, going ahead with account bans for such malpractices.

Using Obscene Content

Amazon is open to people of all ages, with children also being its target audience for related products. While there is a recommendation of adult supervision and other measures, people can’t avoid children from accessing Amazon product pages.

It is particularly difficult these days as children are attached to mobiles. Descriptions written using the best Amazon product description writing tips can appeal to that demographic or their parents.

When such is the case, it can be less than ideal if children come across obscene content. This is why Amazon bans accounts that are found to push such content either via text, images, or AV, to keep the platform as family-friendly as possible.

It also bans controversial item listings. If you have such a listing, even the best Amazon product description writers can’t stop it from being taken down. Non-compliance to Amazon’s warnings about the same will lead to an imminent account suspension.

There are bans on selling products like narcotics, weapons, etc. That will not just get you a ban but also bring the law to your doorstep. You must be aware of images that could be containing such dangerous items and prevent them from being accidentally uploaded to the description page.

If you are in the business of selling products that are of a sensitive, adult-only variety, be aware of the appropriate Amazon product description writing tips for them. List them according to those guidelines only.

Plagiarism and Hijacking

It’s tempting to do what a successful competitor has done to increase your sales figures. It is, after all, why Amazon seller competitor analysis services exist in the first place.

But push it too far, and you could get knocked out altogether. By that, it means you must avoid plagiarizing competitor product descriptions.

Plagiarism causes the algorithm to flag the page for the same and put it up for review. If proven to be so, you could face a temporary ban. Continued plagiarism complaints will result in a permanent ban. It’s best to let professional Amazon product description writers create bespoke descriptions for you as they will know to avoid such issues.

The other type of violation that Amazon takes seriously is what is called ‘listing hijacking’. It is the practice where a counterfeit/mockup of a well-selling product is created and sold on the original’s listing. The ethics and seller rules violations this practice creates makes the violator privy to a ban.

Abusing Customer Reviews

Customer feedback like ratings and reviews can boost or fail a business. The more positive the reviews for your products and your seller account as a whole, the more trustworthy it becomes in the eyes of the customers.

It will also rank higher in search results. This content must also follow Amazon product description guidelines to avoid bans. If you choose to artificially improve your product and seller ratings and reviews, then you will be reprimanded for it.

Practices like writing false negative reviews under anonymous or pseudonymous accounts in competitor’s customer review sections, or writing false positive reviews on your own just to improve your brand image will invite Amazon’s censorship.

You should also be watchful of the kind of feedback you give to customers’ reviews as well. Some reviewers will likely leave rude and unsavory remarks in the comments section for no reason.

If you respond in an abusive way to them, they can report that, and you will get flagged for inappropriate customer service. Continue it, and you will get banned.

Professional Amazon product description writers can write the correct customer feedback response. They will have the knowledge of the rules and the skills to handle customer feedback responses. They can help you avoid facing the prospect of a ban due to bad customer treatment as declared by Amazon.

Mis/False Communication With Amazon

As a seller, you’ll be constantly communicating with Amazon’s team through your seller portal. It begins with the personal information you provide to them while opening your seller account.

Information like your bank account details, ID verification documents, list of products you’ll be selling, etc. have to be accurate. Only then will your account be given the green light and allowed to continue functioning. Amazon product description writers can complete that with ease too.

If Amazon finds any discrepancy in any of the information you’ve provided or will provide to them, you will face the strong prospect of being de-platformed. You could also face the same for sending wrongful information through appeals and Plan of Action (POA) if you’ve been banned and need to recover your account.

You cannot resubmit an old appeal and should always include the latest information in those appeals. If you believe that you’ve been falsely banned, you must provide an acceptable reason for the same. Trying to justify your Amazon product description errors that caused the problem in the first place will only make things worse.

Besides these, violations like listing duplicate, poor-quality, damaged, unsafe, used (without mentioning as such), and corresponding deceitful and deceptive images and product descriptions will get your seller account banned.

Some Common Product Description Errors And What To Do About Them

Common Product Description Errors

There could be instances where your product description won’t be visible despite not going against the guidelines. These instances are rare and have benign causes that usually correct themselves in a short while. If not, you can always inform the support team at Amazon about it and it will be rectified without much hassle.

Product Description Not Showing

You have created an appealing and informative product description, either by yourself or with the help of Amazon product description writers. You have uploaded the same to your seller page via your seller central portal.

It is now visible there but not on your main product page. This is a case of product description not showing up where it should despite being available in its respective seller central section.

Possible Reason:

The common reason for this occurrence is the delay between your uploading to your seller central section and the product page upload. Amazon usually makes changes to your product page after 24 hours, so you’re likely fine.

The other reason could be a technical glitch on Amazon’s side. However, this is rare as Amazon is known for providing a glitch-free experience to everyone.


It’s best to wait for 24 hrs after uploading your content ad check if the update has taken place. If not, review your description content against Amazon product description guidelines. Check for any possible violations that you could’ve unknowingly committed.

If found so, send an appeal immediately and you can begin the clearance process. In case of a technical glitch, Amazon’s support team will send you a notification about it and the estimated time to rectify it.

Product Description Not Updating

Product descriptions need to be updated whenever there are changes to the product’s features, pricing, etc. Time is of the essence in this case as you could be running a limited-time sale. Not having the correct price will make customers reject your product.

Possible Reason:

The culprit again is likely Amazon’s 24 hr update delay.

It could be that your new update hasn’t been done using the best Amazon product description writing tips, leading to a description that has a few errors embedded in it. Amazon’s screening for proper guidelines following will then take longer than usual.


It is best to change your required details early on so that you won’t have to face delays due to the review feature.

Double-check your updated product description for guidelines violations to prevent it from getting flagged.

If you still face issues, then notify the support team at once with a clear description of the problem and the steps you’ve taken to minimize or solve it beforehand.

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Ways To Increase Your Click-Through Rate With These Amazon Product Description Writing Tips

Increase CTR With Amazon Product Description Writing Tips

Your product pages’ click-through rate is one of the most important KPIs. It directly informs you about how effectively your marketing is bringing in more potential customers.

In simple terms, it is the ratio between the number of people who have clicked on an Ad of yours to the number of people who have seen it. The value ranges between 100% and 0%, with the first indicating that everyone who has seen the ad has clicked on it, and the latter indicating no clicks.

The higher the value, the more sales you’re making and the better your brand value in the eyes of your customers.

Having an impactful Amazon marketing service provided by proficient Amazon product description writers can make a huge difference in how your products are perceived by your site’s visitors. This perception in turn affects this crucial ratio. You must be very proactive in ensuring that this number is as high as it can always be.

Here are some Amazon product description writing tips to do just that:

Know Your Audience

When it comes to creating Sponsored Ads for your Amazon product, you should know who that product is for in the first place. Once that’s determined, you should go ahead and learn as much as possible about that target audience.

You can then apply the best Amazon product description writing tips and draw their attention to your Ad and product page.

Creating your Ad and its messaging to a particular audience will better address their needs and will compel them to click on it, thus increasing your CTR and ROI on it.

Spot-On SEO

The best advertisement for your product listing can be the description itself if you know your Search Engine Optimization game well. With the application of the right keywords in your product title, main body, and other sections as applicable, you will be able to rise through the search rankings. Your product page will get listed at or near the top of the search results list.

Quality Amazon product description writers will search for such keywords and place them in the right spots to yield maximum benefit.

This applies to ads as well. A well-optimized Ad will win a bid price competition that happens behind the scenes every time someone searches for your product on Amazon. (You pay a certain price for the ad and the algorithm bids that amount against others’ to select the ad to display for a given search query).

Follow the Amazon product description guidelines here and you will win your Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) ad bid, better promoting your products.

Price It Right

Amazon is famous for offering competitive prices on products. So, every cent you can remove from your listing’s cost will have a huge impact on the CTR and sales. To get the price correct, you must not only know about the margin you have but also your competitors’ pricing of the same.

Ensure that there are no Amazon product description errors when it comes to price. There should be none on the main product page or in the Ad itself. It will entice visitors to click on the ad or the buy button due to the trust gained.

Gain More Positive Reviews

Good reviews and ratings about your products and services are bound to attract more customers to your product pages as it instantly builds trust. You must strive to get those coveted reviews while also avoiding/minimizing negative ones that bring down rating scores.

Mentioning your high ratings in your Ad is a sure-fire way of increasing your CTR. The viewer will be keen to check out what a well-established seller has to offer for them.

Combine it with a low price and content by professional Amazon product description writers, and you have a potent Ad that is bound to improve your CTR many times over.

Get A Best Seller Badge

Amazon has the policy of awarding the top-performing sellers a “Best Seller” badge. It’s a virtual tag you gain when you have the highest sales rate in the category. It adds further social credibility along with high ratings, further boosting your CTR.

An easy way to earn it is to compete in a category that has low sales volume instead of one with high competition. This way, even a moderately high sales volume will earn you that badge.

Expand Your Marketing Horizons

Amazon’s traffic is certainly large enough to warrant your Ad campaign in it for your products. But by applying the appropriate Amazon product description writing tips, you can advertise on many platforms, drawing in traffic from there too.

Google, for example, is a hotspot for such Ads. Its search results page offers plenty of opportunities for sellers to display their product ads whenever a search for it occurs.

Placing your ads on many such platforms may increase your marketing budget, but it will also increase your CTR, giving you the means to recover the cost manyfold while increasing your brand value and visibility exponentially.

Thus, we can see that there is a direct relationship between product descriptions and your CTR. Going along with the established Amazon product description guidelines, and writing error-free copies of Ad campaign material can funnel an eager crowd of potential customers to your product pages. It’ll bring in the business figures you’re seeking to gain from your marketing efforts.

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The Needs and Ways To Outsource Your Amazon Product Description Writing

Why Outsource Amazon Product Description Writing

eCommerce entrepreneurship is an exciting challenge for those who wish to undertake it. The opportunity to grow using the world’s largest seller platform for online retail shopping, and the desire to showcase your best while doing so drive sellers to do business.

But you could make the mistake of taking on too many of the responsibilities that come with the job. They’ll leave you unable to focus on it and you will eventually fail at it. An example is creating Amazon product description errors that will drive away customers and put your seller account in Amazon’s blacklist.

Outsourcing your tasks is the best way to overcome the issue. You’ll have a team of professionals handling the majority of your responsibilities. They’ll give you numerous advantages in the market, especially if you want an edge over your competitors.

The ways relying on professional Amazon product description writers can benefit you are as shown:

Cost Reduction

What’s the biggest hurdle to a small-time Amazon seller’s growth? That’s right, it’s the expenses needed to run the business. When running on a shoestring budget, it’s best to cut down on costs wherever possible to increase profit margins. It doesn’t help that Amazon also takes a cut out of it for letting you use its platform.

Amazon product description errors can cost you a lot. You may think that writing your product description will save you some money. But, you could instead be burning more of it in the long run.

You’re likely to make errors in it while trying to balance the many aspects of your business. This way, you will be losing customer numbers and trust, and inviting Amazon to possibly ban your account for misinformation. Both of these will hurt your business by not letting you get returns on your investment.

Professional writers will employ the best Amazon product description writing tips
to prevent ban possibilities. They will also be increasing CTR, thereby increasing sales and eliminating the costs associated with rewriting the descriptions.

Losses due to waiting for it to bring the traffic are also eliminated. It will clear your inventory quickly, thereby saving you costs on unsold products too.

Quick Delivery Time

Time to market is everything in the business of eCommerce. Getting your product to the market before your competitor does the same means diverting potential customer traffic towards your page and increasing sales.

DIY-ing product description creation, by possibly flouting Amazon product description guidelines, will only introduce delays. These delays will destroy any chance at having time-to-market edge.

Expert description writers can complete the task fast without compromising on the quality due to their experience and knowledge. They will also maintain the accuracy required like the correct pricing and technical specifications of products.

It helps beat any delays in product page updating from amazon’s end as it won’t require much scrutiny. It will pass moderation easily, further helping your time-to-market.

Solid Data Security

Data security is of prime importance in today’s world where enterprise databases are a prime target of nefarious actors. They spare no time or business when carrying out their hacks, meaning even your seller business is vulnerable.

While Amazon provides safety from their end, your database is vulnerable to yours. And Amazon product description errors could act as a doorway to your database, compromising it and your business.

Your product image, or any link embedded in your product description, shouldn’t redirect to a website falling under Amazon’s category of obscene or dangerous content. If so, you would not only be opening yourself up for a ban but also inviting potential threats to your system.

And once in, it’s very difficult to get rid of it. It could compromise your customers’ data as well. An outside agency that specializes in delivering listing services will stop attacks before they can happen with specialized data security measures.

They’ll be updated with Amazon product description guidelines when it comes to data security and will implement the same always. They’ll also have robust in-house security software as well as protocols in place to limit access and maintain privacy. So your data will be safe just like your competitive advantage.

Multi-national Input

It is the norm for a seller to expect to take their Amazon business international. They want to expand beyond the domestic market with time and become a known brand elsewhere. Or it could be that the target market is an international one.

Amazon’s global presence and popularity mean it would be a missed opportunity to not sell your products beyond your initial borders. To succeed at it though, you’d need the efforts of international Amazon product description writers.

Every market is an ecosystem unto itself. Each comes with various socio-economic-cultural dynamics playing their role in shaping the type of products it consumes. They also influence the kind of marketing messaging that will work in that market.

Even expert writers in one market won’t necessarily perform well in others. It’s best to localize messaging along with your listing. A multinational Amazon product listing support company will have writers from every market it operates in.

Therefore, by outsourcing to them, you’ll have instant access to these international experts. They can produce listing content with the best local Amazon product description writing tips, bringing the customers in that market closer to your brand.

Expert Guidance

A new seller is bound to struggle with some aspects of the product description writing process. Even established sellers will occasionally need help getting the correct listing description up for a product. It is especially true if it’s a new and innovative one that they haven’t listed before.

Trying something new is a sure-shot way of introducing Amazon product description errors that you certainly can do without. With the help of an external service provider though, you’re in good company.

The experts present there can come to your rescue by guiding you throughout the process. They’ll suggest the product listing that will work best to bring you the sales figures based on numerous factors like market trends. They’ll also help develop a bespoke marketing strategy for maximum brand visibility.

Besides these, you can enjoy a whole host of services related to your Amazon seller account management. Thus, you get the advantage of having most of your secondary responsibilities removed from your shoulders. You will be left with the mental bandwidth to actively work on your main tasks like business strategy development.

But these advantages don’t come easily. You should select a capable and reputed agency to handle your Amazon product description guideline-based listing content generation.

Otherwise, you’ll have to contend with poor quality deliverables that will only cost you in terms of resources without giving the returns on your investment. Care must be taken while choosing your product description service provider.

Here are a few ways to select the best Amazon product description writers:

Go Through Their Website

Go Through Their Website

Any ambitious business will have an impeccable website to attract and inform leads about itself. It will detail every service on offer, along with the work done in the past.

Go through those, especially any case studies and testimonials that are present there. Consider if they will be suitable to your needs based on that past performance.

Online Reviews and Ratings

People rate and review everything on online sites like Yelp and even Google. Look at the ratings your potential outsourcing agency has received. Go through the comments and feedback and determine if they are more positive or negative. Check this particularly in terms of their Amazon product description error rate, and proceed accordingly.

Contact Their Previous Clients

If possible, arrange to meet with their previous clients. Learn about how that business benefited from partnering with your potential hire. Go into the details of how they explained the procedure and what it cost them. Also, learn about the customer service they were offered and the general experience of working together.

Meet The Agency’s Representatives

A proactive agency will welcome direct contact with its prospective clients and go out of its way to explain every aspect of their work to them. Determine if your potential partner agency is one such company.

Explore every applicable service they have to offer, its details, the qualifications of their Amazon product description writers, any recognition they’ve earned, etc. Also, learn about the cost of the services to check if it falls within your budget.

Decide to hire an Amazon product description outsourcing partner after you’ve done the above-mentioned research about all your potential hires.

Data4eCom: Your Amazon Product Description Writing Outsourcing Partner

Scripting an accurate and converting product description for an Amazon product means scripting the destiny of the seller business. Data4eCom understands this fundamental principle and works to realize your dreams with every written word.

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Our experts are well versed with their tasks. They follow Amazon product description guidelines stringently to give you descriptions in the quickest time while avoiding any possibility of bans.

By having us as your Amazon product description outsourcing partner, your sales numbers are bound to grow. They will bring in the revenue you need to thrive while also gaining greater brand visibility and trust.

And you won’t even be limited to just product description writing; our Amazon Virtual Assistant services will cover every Amazon seller business support requirement, right down to personal assistance. Our experts will give you the freedom you need to sell your way to success.

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More About Amazon Product Description Writing

1. What types of content are considered inappropriate by Amazon in product descriptions?

Amazon’s strict product description guidelines mark a variety of content as being inappropriate. The standards vary by market and associated customer worldviews.

Generally, content that has rude language with cuss words, the potential for political controversies, is religiously or culturally offensive, harmful or demeaning of a certain community, elements of vulgar or sexual nature, especially child pornographic material, descriptions filled with lies about the product, and similar content will lead to flagging, review, and ban.

2. How to choose the best image for my product’s description?

Online shopping is influenced most strongly by the choice of the image of your product. You can post multiple product images on its page, with the approval of Amazon based on its guidelines. Usually, manufacturer-supplied images are the best as they tend to be visually descriptive and appealing.

You can also alter them as you deem appropriate. If getting from a third-party source or creating your own, make sure to follow all guidelines about posting images to get the best results. The images must showcase all features and attributes of the product from multiple angles.

3. How frequently must I post ads for improved CTR?

CTR depends on many factors, with frequency and placement being two important ones. The frequency of posting is a balance between your revenue goals, budget, and current traffic generated for the product against your target numbers. Placing it on a high-traffic page like the first SERP means you need to increase frequency and budget due to the competition.

4. Why should I choose Data4eCom for my outsourcing needs?

Data4eCom is an industry-acclaimed amazon product description outsourcing partner that gives you many Amazon seller support services under one roof. We have experts with years of experience who are very knowledgeable about the intricacies of creating and posting the best Amazon product descriptions and Ads.

We offer impeccable data security and privacy while giving you many advantages like the quickest time to market, low cost, multinational-oriented content development, etc. Thus, with us, it’s easy for you to scale and grow your revenue while having the freedom to concentrate on the tasks that matter the most.

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