Bag Prime Profits On Amazon Prime Day 2019

On its 20th anniversary, Amazon gifted “The Amazon Prime Day” to its sellers & buyers. An opportunity to bag prime profits for the sellers and an opportunity to bag prime deals with great discounts to buyers. It looks like a win-win arrangement because Prime Day was started as morning to evening event but last year it lasted 36 hours. Now, there are speculations that this time the Prime Day 2019 may last up to 48 hours.

Wondering, why has Amazon Prime Day gained momentum, and should be taken seriously? Well, the reason lies in the numbers!

Global Amazon Prime Day sales from 2015 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars)

(Source: Statista)

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an online shopping carnival that generally happens in mid-July. It was started for the first time in 2015 as a day event which extended from morning to evening. Last year, in 2018, the large shopping event lasted 36 hours. The Year 2019 will mark the 5th anniversary of the Prime Day and it is expected to start around 15th July.

The Word Is Out
It’s official! Amazon Prime Day 2019 will kick off on Monday, July 15, and last for 48 hours. Yes, it would be the longest Prime Day ever. Pull your socks up!

The shopping event is not just about a grand online sale but it comes with multiple deals. As sellers or buyers, you need to know the details about them because “The deal lies in the detail.”

Types of Amazon Prime Deals

Who are the participants?

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or CIRP), Amazon has seen double-digit growth in the number of Prime memberships. Amazon, recently revealed that it had exceeded 100 million paid prime members globally.

The graph below shows the growth trajectory of Amazon Prime members in last 5 years,


The prime members are those customers who generally spend more than others. This brings a gala opportunity for sellers to make some space in their stockrooms. The group of prime members may comprise:

1. Amazon Prime members

2. Amazon Prime members on 30 – day Prime Day Free Trial

3. Members of the Amazon Household

4. Members using student discounted prime membership

Get Ready with Data4eCom for Amazon Prime Day 2019

1. Check your inventory levels

Sellers, this is the best opportunity to clear your shelves of that overstock or even the deadstock. Almost everything gets sold on Amazon Prime Day. Ensure in advance that you have enough inventory. Your products must be listed as per A9’s criteria, or in other words, in tandem with Amazon SEO requirements. Make sure the title, tags, descriptions, categories, taxonomies & even the images are all updated. Remember that Images are one of the most important factors of influencing buying decisions.

2. Optimize existing campaigns

Keep a check on your existing campaigns. Audit your inventory to determine the star products and the ones that don’t make the cut. This process of inventory auditing will also help you create discount campaigns & deals for the shopping festival – Amazon Prime Day.

Bonus tip: While you are at it, optimize your listings well to drive more customers.

3. Popularize you Prime Day offers

At this point, you need to think about expanding your marketing budget. Advertise all your special offers and be sure to highlight giveaways, if any. Make use of social media advertising, & Google ads too, to spread the word. If you face difficulty and are not sure about how to do it, it’s better you outsource and hire some experts who can design & create sales-oriented campaigns for you in no time.

4. Create a dedicated Prime Day Campaign

To cut through the noise, channelize your advertising budget to spread the word about your Prime Day offers. Ideally one should start the campaigns a month before to secure the maximum reach.

5. Advertise more

Since everybody will try to make the most of this event, retailers use sponsored campaigns to capture visibility and grab the top position in the search results. To make your promotions more effective, consider the dynamic bidding strategy. In this Amazon increases the default bid if the click is likely to convert.

Note: Sponsored products draw more attention to Prime Day offers because they bear a distinct label.of the deals.

Let Data4eCom Help you

Online shopping is growing every day and so is the seller & buyer base on Amazon. In this kind of cut-throat competition, it is really a big challenge to create a distinct identity of your own. This implies that you need to double-check the quality standards and take to far more effective ways of marketing. We are here to simplify this otherwise complex process for you. Just write to and relax. It is on us now.

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