Monthly Archives: August 2015

Gear Up To Promote Your eStore in September To Sell More This Festive Season


It’s the season to grab the sales opportunities knocking at your door!

The much-awaited festive season is fast approaching and eCommerce entrepreneurs are preparing for the holiday rush and looking forward to record-breaking online sales. Are you ready to make the most out of the sales opportunities this Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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How Well-Edited and Attractive Product Images Help You Sell Online?


A picture is worth a thousand words. This notion certainly stands true in the eCommerce domain. Without the ability to hold, touch, smell, taste or handle the products they intend to buy, online shoppers rely on the product images while making a purchase. So, when visitors stop by your online store, you must present them with clear, attractive and well-edited photos that drive their confidence and compel them to complete the purchase. Certainly, product images are not just a visually-enticing addition; they are a requisite for success of an online store.

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Top 5 Comparison Shopping Engines to Increase Sales


In the ever evolving competitive business environment, eCommerce entrepreneurs are always looking for the right tools to increase orders, drive maximum traffic, boost sales and build brand awareness. We bring to you the list of top five Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) that provide the best platform to put your products in front of the web’s savviest consumers and sprint ahead of the competition.

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Increase Sales with an Up-To-Date Amazon Store


Would you like to re-visit an online marketplace that displays unavailable products and coupon codes that are no longer valid? Certainly, no! One of the major factors that bring back buyers to an eCommerce store and marketplace is how regularly the product catalog is updated. While promotional offers and discounts play a key role in attracting prospects, it is a must to update the offers on a regular basis so that there is something new and exciting that your customers can find every time they visit you.

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