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6 Common Mistakes Every New Amazon Seller Must Avoid

common mistakes every amazon seller must avoid

Mistakes are a part of the business journey, but they can cause huge losses if not fixed on time. Therefore, whether it is a startup, an SME, or an online seller of an eCommerce platform, everyone tries to avoid mistakes as it significantly impacts their business as a whole.

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10 Ways AI Has Changed eCommerce Stores in Recent Years

Artificial Intelligence Changing eCommerce Stores

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has totally transformed e-Commerce for retailers as well as customers. Thanks to AI, shoppers can now get virtual shopping assistants and personalized buying
experience, while retailers can analyze Big Data to threads for getting the insights they never had. It is a win-win at both ends.

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How Will Your eCommerce Competitors Seek Growth in 2020?

Multi-Channel Marketing for eCommerce Business Profits

The origin of eCommerce dates back to the 1960s when Electronic Data Interchange took its first steps. Its actual growth, however, began with the advent of the 1990s. 

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How To Better Combat The Increasing Competition On Amazon

Amazon Marketplace Services

The Amazon marketplace is huge. For the sellers, it is more like an opportunity waiting to happen. Being one of the largest eRetail marketplaces, it gives the sellers access to a large customer base of about 310 million. But when it comes to selling, the competition knows no limits. Amazon seller base is constantly increasing by the day, thus making the competition even fiercer. How then you, as a seller, are supposed to stand out from the rest and be successful? Well, it certainly is possible, if you have a well-planned strategy in place.

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