Bag Prime Profits on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Day 2021

This year, Amazon Prime Day 2021 is coming a month earlier, on June 21 and June 22. Its sales and revenue expectations surpass that of 2020. As a seller, if you are still unsure about your Amazon prime day strategy, you need a plan of action, and soon.
How? Why? What? Don’t be anxious.

Get ready for Prime Day 2021 with this quick and effective guide.

Prime Day Details

What is Amazon Prime Day?

On its 20th anniversary in 2015, Amazon gifted “Prime Day” to its sellers & buyers. This special sale became an opportunity to bag higher sales and conversions for the sellers and cheap deals with great discounts for buyers.

A win-win arrangement for all!

Prime Day started as a morning-to-evening event, but it lasted 36 hours in 2018 and became a two-day-long affair from 2019. Last year, the Coronavirus pandemic forced Amazon to push its annual extravaganza from the usual slot in July to October. Despite the delay, the event landed $10.40 billion in gross merchandise sales, a record since the inception of Prime Day.

Global prime day sale stats

When is Prime Day 2021?

Prime Day 2021 is scheduled for June 21 and 22.

How long is Prime Day 2021?

Amazon Prime Day 2021 will be a two-day event, i.e., 48 hours long. However, sellers always create deals around this event to maximize their sales and conversion opportunities, so it is likely to be a month-long series of big and small discount opportunities for all.

Pull Your Socks Up & Do Your Best!

The sheer number of opportunities, routes, and chances that Prime Day provides to sellers might push you on an alternative trail. After all, couldn’t you use this event to shift slow-moving stock, clear out inventory, or do away with products of disappointing quality?


Prime Day is a sale event. It does not give your Amazon store any type of immunity. Inferior products will bring in negative reviews for the listing as well as the seller. A discount will not excuse customer dissatisfaction, and Amazon nonetheless does not entertain duplicity.

Our Advice- focus on boosting the sales of your well-performing stock. You will not only get a higher chance of selling but also receive better listing visibility. That will help increase your eStore ROI, rating, and rank in the long run on Amazon.

Prepare for Prime Day 2021-Types of Deals You Can Leverage

This shopping event is not just about a grand online sale. Instead, it is about using the multiple deal choices it provides to your eStore’s advantage.

Before Prime Day, seller optimization activities become necessary. However, what enjoys the spotlight are the deals, i.e., the Prime Day showstoppers. For a limited duration of 48 hours, Prime Day allows you to entice, attract, and convert customers using a wide range of promotional deals and discounts.

Types of Amazon Prime Deals include:

  • Lightning Deals
  • Deal of the day
  • Coupons
  • Price drops

Sellers have to utilize these promotions to garner audience attention and redirect them towards positive buying behavior.

It is also important to remember that, while Prime Day is an event for Amazon Prime members, they are not the only audience you get access to. On the Prime Day event, your audience may contain-

  • Amazon Prime members
  • Amazon Prime members on 30 – day Prime Day free trial
  • Amazon Household members
  • Members with student discounted Prime membership

This brings a gala opportunity for sellers to make some space in their stockrooms, brush up on their ad and PPC campaigns, and create irresistible deals.

1. Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are limited-time product discounts. To submit one, you must have a professional seller account, 3.5 or higher product rating, and at least five seller ratings a month. They are expensive to create and can only be submitted by the seller. Amazon uses its algorithm to pick and display the best Lightning Deals on Prime Day.

That being said, Lightning Deals are incredible Prime Day tools for boosting sales. Create an eye-catching bargain, and you can be sure of reaching the stock limit within hours.

2. Deal of the day

Deal of the Day is a Vendor-only Prime Day promotion. It runs for about a day, is more flexible than the Lightning Deal, and promises higher visibility and sales as long as you create a bargain worth your buyer’s time.

3. Coupons

Now, not all products in your eStore will qualify for Lightning Deals. It’s also possible that you missed the deadline or didn’t create Lightning Deals for some of your products.

You may worry that buyers will skip right over your product snippets on the search result page because they don’t sport a Lightning Deal of the Day badge.

Well, that’s where the coupons come in.

Prime Day coupon

The coupons you create will show up in too many places to be easily missed. A buyer will be able to see them on Amazon’s Coupon Home Page, on your listing, in search results, carts, ads, and Brand stores as well.

But, Coupons take 2-3 days to be active. So time that accordingly.

4. Price drops

These deals are not limited to Prime Day only. You can activate them on regular days too. Sellers simply reduce the product’s selling price, and the listing goes live, attracting attention for its low price.

Get ready for Prime Day 2021 with Data4eCom’s quick tips

1. Check your inventory levels

Sellers, remember- almost everything gets sold on Amazon Prime Day, as long as you don’t compromise on quality. Therefore, ensure in advance that you have enough inventory. Take count of everything, double-check with your seller account, and stay on top of every minute change that takes place concerning your stock.

Less than a month before the determined Prime Day date, Amazon brought down inventory storage restrictions on many sellers. As a result, numerous FBA users reported reduced inventory limits imposed on them. As a direct outcome, they have had to look for alternate fulfillment paths- not an easy task one month away from the D-Day. It may be a short-term nuisance- for the lack of a better term -but it has presented challenges to many.

The lesson- Keep yourself and your Amazon prime day strategy updated. You may also use Amazon seller consulting services for quickly dealing with such complications.

2. Improve product listings

Product pages are critical to influencing buying decisions. Do your best to make them rank well.

Your products must be listed per the A10 ranking algorithm criteria and in tandem with Amazon SEO requirements. Ensure the title, tags, descriptions, categories, taxonomies, categorization, tagging, & images are all updated and up to the mark.

Hire Amazon experts for listing optimization, Prime Day strategizing, or image editing to increase visibility, SERP, and incoming traffic to your product pages.

Always Audit Your Best-Selling Listings Before Prime Day.

Those high-performing products are highly likely to convert more browsers into payers. So, give them the special pampering they deserve. Audit. Enhance content. Use high-quality images. Add crisp descriptions.

Make sure that your best-selling listings get the attention, and they will reward you by converting more.

3. Optimize existing campaigns

Keep a check on your existing campaigns. Audit your inventory to determine the star products and the ones that don’t make the cut. This process of inventory auditing will also help you create more effective discount campaigns & deals for this shopping festival.

Increase your ad spend.

A 2.2 times increased PPC spend in 2019 led to 98% increase in orders and 2.6 times higher advertising sales.

Ads might get more expensive. Don’t fret.

A recorded 23% higher CPC during Prime Day has led to 20% higher ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend.)

CTR(Click-through-Rates) might go down. It’s fine.

Don’t panic immediately. Prime Day shoppers spend a lot of time browsing and deal hunting. So as long as your ad impressions are fine, don’t bother about the CTR.

4. Advertise your Prime Day offers

Locate. Attract. Engage.

That should be your go-to Amazon prime day strategy for advertising.

Promote all your special offers, and be sure to highlight giveaways, if any. Make use of social media advertising & Google ads to spread the word. Use the following routes and tools for advertising more and better.

  • Lightning Deals
  • Free Shipping
  • Enhanced Brand Content (A+)
  • Traffic Redirection
  • Multiple Prime Day Deals
  • Product Bundling
  • Social Media Marketing

If you feel unsure about the process, we suggest playing it safe since Prime Day is almost overhead. Outsource to any reputed Amazon marketplace management agency for prompt results.

5. Create a dedicated Prime Day campaign

Have no doubt- everyone will try to make the most of this event. To cut through the noise, channelize your advertising budget to spread the word about your Prime Day offers.

Many retailers use sponsored campaigns to capture visibility and grab the top position in the search results. To make your promotions more effective, consider the dynamic bidding strategy. In this, Amazon increases the default bid if the click is likely to convert.

Ideally, one should start the campaigns at least a month before Prime Day commences to secure maximum reach. However, if you haven’t, there is no need to worry. You can hire Amazon experts to boost your campaign across multiple channels in less time.

Go For Sponsored Products.

They draw more attention to Prime Day offers because they bear a distinct label of the deals.

Build a winning Amazon Prime Day strategy with Data4eCom

Online shoppers are a growing population. Amazon is the megacity where they often flock to.

The outstanding seller and buyer base on the world’s largest online marketplace gives way to cut-throat competition in every niche. Crafting a distinct brand identity in that crowd, keeping up with Amazon’s constantly upgrading rulebook, and reaping profits amidst them can become a complicated feat.

And, when you have an opportunity like Prime Day, falling back is simply not an option.

That’s where the specialists come in.

Get ready for Prime Day 2021 with our Amazon marketplace management consulting. Utilize our store setup services, seller consulting, listing optimization, feedback management, and Amazon advertising support to boost your sales and ROI on this year’s Prime event. To hire Amazon experts or discuss further business-boosting Prime Day plan, drop your queries at

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