5 Reasons To Outsource eCommerce Product Data Entry

eCommerce Product Data Entry

“Ecommerce revenues are set to exceed $638 billion by 2022 in the U.S. alone. In such a scenario, outsourcing eCommerce product data entry is bound to fuel your market expansion plans, revenue strategies, and helps you ride the wave of success.”

Visiting ten different stores to get your favorite dress, waiting for a taxi or carrying your shopping bags has become a thing of the past! At present, everyone simply prefers to browse online, click on their favorite product and buy as per their convenience. No wonder, online shopping is evolving and the demand is continuously rising.

Several businesses and companies have realized the potential eCommerce stores offer them and want their products or services to be displayed on the web pages. With a product line involving countless brands, each with their variations and intricacies, seeking the help of outsourcing companies who offer product data entry services is a boon – considering the highly competitive market.

Projections suggest that eCommerce sales will surpass $740 billion by 2023. Other statistics that indicate an upward trajectory:

  • The number of digital buyers will increase to 2.14 billion worldwide by 2021.
  • Sale of apparel, footwear, and accessories is projected to exceed $123M by 2022.
  • On average, shoppers will spend 36% of their budget online.

What does it mean for your eCommerce Business?

The statistics indicate ample opportunities for brick and mortar companies to launch their eCommerce websites and expand their reach. This means more eCommerce players will enter the eCommerce arena and make survival a cut-throat competition.

For eCommerce merchants, keeping pace with ever-changing customer and industry trends, and technology must be the topmost priority. Thus eCommerce business data entry services or product data entry services become one of the most important activities for eCommerce businesses to survive and stay ahead of the competition.

When the data on your website is accurate and updated, you are likely to experience higher growth, sales, customers and ultimately success.

Data entry errors in procurement, supply chain, and other areas can cost businesses over $600 billion each year.

Data entry from product catalogs, invoices/receipts, scanned records, images, online research, etc., is a primary task that should be done without fail. However, doing it in-house might reduce your operational productivity; due to lack of expertise and resources. To avoid this, the majority of eCommerce players follow the best practice of data entry outsourcing services. The best eCommerce data entry service providers leverage a fine blend of skilled resources and sophisticated techniques to deliver manual and automated data entry services at cost-effective rates.

The best part: lack of expertise or resources isn’t the only reason to eCommerce product listing.

Here’s a list of

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource your eCommerce Data Entry

1. Manual Data Entry: Small and medium-size retailers usually go for in-house and less complicated manual data entry process to handle complex information; which is detrimental to data quality. Such manual data entry errors must be avoided since they can either break or make the business. In fact, according to a study by Gartner, the average cost of poor data quality on businesses can range between $9.7 million and $14.2 million annually. This is why retail giants like Amazon, eBay, and several others shifted to solutions delivered by automated product data entry service providers’ long back.

2. Customer Experience: No one wants to shop from a store with incomplete or incorrect product information. As a customer, you’d prefer shopping online from professional-looking stores with accurately presented product data. Ecommerce product listing data entry services accurately describe and categorize products on your site. This improves customers’ shopping experience since they can easily find their desired products along with appropriate descriptions. Also, this helps them in making prompt buying decision without having much to worry about.

3. Online Reputation: Inaccurate data entry results in higher operating costs and potential market risks for your store. Entering incorrect or outdated customer data might lead to wrong order deliveries and ultimately customer dissatisfaction and reduced sales. Also, the customers might leave negative feedback and express criticism on different social media channels which will hamper your brand reputation. All this can be simply avoided with accurate, precise product data entry handled by experts.

4. Business Functions: Ecommerce business is an assortment of marketing, sales, shipping, customer support, restocking; and all of these activities generate and can operate efficiently only with help of quality data. Data entry service providers for ecommerce ensure that your website executes each of these activities through accurate data. It empowers you to better streamline routine online sales activities and deliver profitable results.

5. Data Security: eCommerce store owners required to keep customer details including their personal information, payment details, orders or loyalty scheme data confidential, secure, and lawful. Any breach or violation can have adverse impacts, both for you and the customer(s). it wouldn’t be wrong to say that safeguarding data from scammers while adhering to data laws is an additional challenge for your eCommerce store. Fortunately, several companies who provide eCommerce data entry services understand the importance of data safety and therefore ensure that the data you share with them is completely safe and secure. They take care of all legal formalities and make sure your business data is intact.

In Conclusion

Over the last decade, eCommerce has substantially risen in popularity; making browsing and shopping both simple and convenient for customers.

Like every other business aspect, data entry forms an integral part of a successful eCommerce business. With accurate product data entry services, your business can reap a number of benefits and stay ahead of the competition.

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