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Comparison Shopping Data Feed Management
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"Data4eCom.com has improved our visibility on Google Shopping and many other comparison shopping engines. Their comparison shopping feed management service is intelligent and affordable, highly recommended."

-- Patrick Kreitzberg CEO, eCommerce store

Comparison Shopping Feed Management

An increasing number of shoppers are using comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping, Nextag, Pricegrabber.com and Shopzilla to compare product features, product prices and to read product reviews. The results yielded by comparison shopping engines can decisively influence buying choices and determine the fate of an eCommerce business. Thus, it has become crucial for an eCommerce store to figure prominently on the comparison shopping engine result pages. This can be achieved by intelligent comparison shopping feed management. The task, however, can be quite taxing for the non-specialist. It requires one to handle daunting quantities of product data. Besides, every comparison shopping engine has its own unique data feed specification.

Make Data4eCom.com your Comparison Shopping Feed Management Services partner:

  • Our Comparison Shopping Feed Management Services specialists are experienced and thoroughly familiar with the data feed specification of every major comparison shopping engine. Whether you want your product data fed into Google Shopping, Shopping.com, Pricegrabber.com or Shopzilla, we can do it for you efficiently and within the briefest turnaround time.
  • We are extremely meticulous and will enter product titles, product prices, brand name, manufacturer’s identity, SKUs, etc. with a nearly one hundred percent accuracy.
  • Whenever required, we can also capture product data from PDF, online and hardcopy catalogs or manufacturers websites to create comprehensive product feed data.
  • We will format your product feed data to meet the data feed specifications of each comparison shopping engine.
  • We will also optimize your product feed data. We will take care of product meta titles, product tags, link URLs and image URLs and make them SEO friendly. As a part of our Comparison Shopping Feed Management Services we will also ensure that your product descriptions are unique and keyword rich.
  • We will intelligently categorize products when entering your product feed data. Products can languish in oblivion unless categorized correctly as buyers will not be able to trace them. Correct product categorization allows shoppers to find what they are looking for easily and earns you loyal customers.
  • The freshness of the product feed data is crucial too as many comparison engines display only the latest product feed data. We will constantly update your product feed data and improve your eStore’s search engine ranks.
  • We will browse the results yielded by comparison shopping engines to determine the intensity of competition under each product category. This will help you devise a more astute business strategy.
  • The most significant aspect of product feed data is the price. We will capture price, discount and special offers’ data from your competitor websites so that you offer the best deals to your customers.
  • We offer our Comparison Shopping Feed Management Services at the most economical rates.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Comparison Shopping Feed Management Services.