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"My eStore sells apparel. For a long time I was struggling to developing the right product taxonomy. Either my product categories were becoming too big and confusing or too small. Both ways I was losing customers. helped me strike the right balance. I owe all my present success to them."

-- Mary Framke eStore owner

Product Taxonomy Development Services

It is a major put off for a shopper when your eStore’s product categories are confusing and it takes him enormously long to locate the product he is looking for. In such a situation the shopper will leave your eStore’s website never to return again. Intelligent product categorization, thus, is the key to a good conversion rate and building a loyal, regular pool of customers. At we help you achieve these goals with our Product Taxonomy Development Services. Our Product Taxonomy Development Services professionals are experienced and astute. Irrespective of the kind of products you sell, lighting, clothing, computer peripherals, furniture or sports goods, we will categorize them for you rationally and at a very affordable rate.

Make your Product Taxonomy Development Services partner:

  • At we are extremely meticulous. When you make us your Product Taxonomy Development Services partner we review all your existent product categories. Following this, we decide on how to go about improving or correcting your product taxonomy.
  • At we begin with the basics. We commence developing your product taxonomy by determining which product should be assigned to which SKU. Once products are distributed across SKUs categorizing them becomes easier.
  • As a part of our Product Taxonomy Development Services, we also work on your product titles and meta tags. We make them SEO friendly so that they turn up on searches easily.
  • We do keyword research to attain consistency between your product category titles and the most used search terms. This ensures an improved page rank for your eStore website.
  • We develop product taxonomy in a manner that each product category is of an optimum, manageable size. We will never make your product categories bloated with too many products. Nor will we make them too small.
  • We are comfortable working on every major eCommerce platform and marketplace. Be it Magento, osCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, 3dCart, Zen Cart, Volusion, eBay or Amazon, our Product Taxonomy Development Services Professionals can work on all of them with equal competence.
  • The finished work is meticulously reviewed and searched for errors. We never flinch from our commitment to providing only the best service to our clients.

When you assign us a product taxonomy development project, it is overseen by a dedicated project manager. He will always be available to answer any queries you might have and will also keep you updated on the progress of the work. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Product Taxonomy Development Services.