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"We were struggling to create original descriptions for our thousands of products loaded upon our storefront. As a matter of fact, we were not even close to knowing how many of them carried copied or duplicated descriptions. The constantly declining page rank of our website was indicating the urgency of the situation when we chanced upon Data4eCom’s product description writing services.

I found Data4eCom.com’s writers extremely methodical. They went over all our product descriptions checking their originality or lack of it. Once all the duplicated content was identified they re-wrote it all in a crisp and lucid language. Data4eCom indeed has some clever wordsmiths in its ranks. I look forward to continuing our partnership with them."

-- Roger Nussbaum Web Content Manager, eCommerce store

Product Description Writing Services

Uniqueness and originality are the key markers of a good product description. Product descriptions which are copied and reproduced from a manufacturer’s website can cost an eCommerce business very dearly. It can result in a drastic fall in the page rank of a eStore website since Google penalizes a site for reprodcucing duplicated content. A good product description must also be simple and compelling. Wordy and hard to understand product descriptions can consign an eCommerce store to internet obscurity and ruin its chances of success.

At Data4eCom.com, we have been offering premium Product Description Writing Services for six years. Making us your Product Description Writing Services partner will ensure that your eCommerce business will never again suffer because of depulicated or poor content.

Our key differentiators:

  • We have a team of highly competent and experienced writers adept at coining clever catch phrases and appealing and informative descriptions.
  • Our product description writing professionals do their own research to understand a product and its features.
  • The eCommerce product description writing professionals at Data4eCom.com can unpack manufacturers’ jargon and covey its meaning in simple, everyday language. We can easily portray even the most technical aspects of a product in a lucid, easily comprehensible language. We never just reproduce the information that the manufacturer provides.
  • We craft keyword rich, SEO friendly product descriptions which improve an eCommerce website’s page rank and help it draw more business.
  • Our product descriptions contain answers to every possible query which a potential buyer might have in his head. We engage and persuade a buyer without ever patronizing him. We assuage whatever concerns that a buyer might have and convince him of the merit of buying a product from your eCommerce website.
  • Whenever relevant, we juxtapose our descriptions with user reviews so that a buyer’s confidence in what is being offered is enhanced further.
  • We place the product descriptions beneath catchy headings which have a hint of what to expect from the product in question and trigger a shopper’s curiosity.
  • We are versatile and can tailor our language and style to suit a product and the customer base it is aimed at. For example, we understand fully well that clothing meant for teenagers cannot be described the same way as apparel that targets more mature customers, or, for that matter, that trekking shoes aimed at adventure seekers and formal footwear must be described in a vastly different language. With our eCommerce Product Description Writing Services we will help you explore and penetrate every segment of the market.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our eCommerce Product Description Writing Services.