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"Many of my competitors were undercutting me for some time. Nevertheless, keeping a tab on their prices was not always possible for me, as an eStore owner I had just far too much to do. So, I went about looking for a good vendor to whom I could outsource competitor price monitoring. I was lucky to find They have helped me outthink and outsmart my competitors in the pricing game."

-- Yonah Feder eStore owner

Competitor Price Monitoring Services

Competition is indeed fierce and every eCommerce business owner seeks to offer the most attractive prices to his customers. For this it is important to keep track of the prices offered by the competitors. Only then can an eStore owner be in a position of adjusting his prices to a level that they are the most competitive in the market. At we offer intelligent and innovative Competitor Price Monitoring Services to help eStore owners stay ahead of competition.

The benefits of outsourcing Competitor Price Monitoring Services to us:

  • At we are capable of both manual and automated competitor price monitoring. We can either capture pricing data manually from your competitors’ websites, or we can employ price monitoring software.
  • We will monitor your competitors’ prices in real time. This will make sure that you are aware of every fluctuation in price trends during the course of a day. This will, in turn, help you devise an agile and dynamic pricing strategy.
  • We can customize our services to suit your requirements. If you want us to track and monitor the prices of only a certain product or a set of products on rival eCommerce store websites, we can do that too.
  • As a part of our Competitor Price Monitoring Services, we can also track and monitor your competitors’ product categorization, the new products they are adding under particular categories and the prices at which they are selling them.
  • Our Competitor Price Monitoring Services professionals will collate, analyze and present pricing data in an easily comprehensible format. We will prepare daily Competitor Price Reports complete with graphs and statistical data which will be mailed to you at the start of every working day.
  • If you deal in niche brands and your intention is not to be the cheapest but only to know where you stand in the pricing game, our Competitor Price Monitoring Services are ideal for you. The price data captured and analyzed by us will help you correctly position your brands and devise the right pricing and marketing strategy for an exclusive clientele.
  • We can also, if you require, gather data on a product’s pricing history. This will help you gauge a product’s demand and predict its pricing trends in the future. You can, thus, further refine your repertoire of products and their pricing.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Competitor Price Monitoring Services.