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"Like many other small entrepreneurs, I mounted my eStore on the Magento platform when I ventured into eCommerce. Being open source and easily scalable, Magento was a natural choice for me. However, once I commenced uploading my product data on my storefront, I realized the complexity of the task. I floundered about for some time and then outsourced my product data entry to Data4eCom. They indeed understand the Magento platform very well and have done a perfect job of uploading my product data upon it."

-- Isaiah Martin eCommerce entrepreneur

Magento Product Upload Services

Today's hot items in your eCommerce store are often tomorrow's obsolete inventory. Your product offerings and ‘specials’ need to be updated almost on an everyday basis. New categories and SKUs are added all the time. Handling of hundreds of thousands of products with dynamic features in your Magento store is no mean task. What you need is, a specialized task team with proven methodology in Magento product upload services.

With rich experience of over six years, the team of Magento product entry experts at Data4eCom, can offer your store visitors enriching and wholesome online shopping experience. We are utterly adept at adding and updating products to your Magento eCommerce Store, setting up categories and sub-categories, customizing product and price attributes, providing product descriptions paired with edited and enhanced images, handling specials, etc., to effectively inform and engage your end-users and maximize the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

Key features of our Magento product upload and management include:

Creating and Managing Categories: We help you create and add new categories in addition to managing the prevailing categories in your Magento catalog.

We input the category name, category description along with images and display choices to switch the display order of your categories. To effectively manage and display your inventory, we also help you to edit, delete, and move the categories.

Magento Product Upload: We help you add new products to readily populate your Magento catalog. We quickly and efficiently enter all the significant data and information concerning your product, viz., product’s name, long and short descriptions, weight, availability status of the product, item price, special price and tax class if the item is taxable, product’s image, product’s URL, etc., to drive the visitor to the specific information page of the product.

Managing Product Types: We are adept at configuring complex products. We help you manage your product types, including:

  • Simple products comprising physical articles, largely sold as single units or in fixed numbers
  • Bundled items composed of simple product sets, sold together
  • Grouped products that are sold as a set
  • Configurable products involving variations in terms of color, size, etc.
  • Virtual/downloadable items
  • Gift card articles that are redeemable in your Magento store for products. They can be virtual, physical, or both.

Customizing Products Attributes: We customize the product attributes for delivering a better and more user centered shopping experience to your store visitors. Our expert Magento data entry experts create a master options list including, size, color, model, version, manufacturing details, listing items for upselling and cross-selling, along with creating any other attributes that can aptly define your product.

Creating ‘Special offers’ in Magento: Our product upload professionals can expertly create ‘Special product offers’ in Magento. To effectively promote your business and better engage with your customers, We can set up special incentives for your store visitors in terms of promotional prices or seasonal discounts, etc.

Complete Magento Back Office Support: Besides taking care of your regular catalog content management including adding /updating product descriptions, editing and retouching your product images, we also help you with comprehensive order entry, processing and order tracking, inventory support and management, accounting/book keeping, transaction, customer support services including email, phone and chat support, adding / moderating product reviews, competitor price monitoring, etc., to keep your day-to-day store operations smooth and systematic.

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You can avail our Magento product upload services at very reasonable prices. We are also well-equipped to easily handle Magento bulk product uploads or projects involving voluminous data and offer 24/7 customer support. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, or ask for a free trial.