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"The deftness with which Data4eCom.com handle the complexities of product data classification is most impressive. Because of the diverse sources from it originates, my product data had become a very confusing mix of taxonomies. But Data4eCom.com sorted out the confusion and classified my product data very quickly."

-- Jonathon Howard eCommerce entrepreneur

Product Data Classification Services

Product data classification is a crucial part of product data management. It is an intricate and demanding task because of the heterogeneity of taxonomic codes and classification schemas used by vendors. They tend to vary significantly from country to country and manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, a widely used classification schema in the US is UNSPSC. Then there is UPC, used in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. There is also eClass, used both in Germany and the US. Thus, after extracting product data from rough sources, one might discover that it adheres to a great diversity of classification schemas. On occasions, there is also unstructured data to be taken care of.

The maintenance of product data becomes a very complex job if the classification schemas are all mixed up. That is why, it is important for an eCommerce entrepreneur or eStore owner to classify product data as per the schema when uploading it. The job requires extensive knowledge about the product domain. Product data classification takes enormous human effort, it is also very time consuming. Unless done by the specialist, product data classification can account for up to 25% of the time spent on content management

Outsource Product Data Classification to Data4eCom.com:

At Data4eCom.com we offer comprehensive, efficient and economical Product Data Classification Services. Our Product Data Classification professionals are vastly experienced and have the thorough knowledge of a wide range of product domains. The volume and diversity of your product data does not concern us, we will classify it all intelligently and without mixing codes and schemas within a very brief turnaround time.

Benefits of outsourcing Product Data Classification to Data4eCom.com:

  • Our Product Data Classification professionals can customize the data classification process depending upon the source of product data, the nature of products and the product domain.
  • We are extremely meticulous and will validate all your product data before beginning to classify it.
  • We are versatile and adaptable, we can create robust domain specific classification taxonomies.
  • At Data4eCom.com we are adept at multi-standard classification. We can classify your product data as per the UPC, UPN, UNSPSC, eClass, SMD, NAICS, SIC, EGII, JPPSG, MESC, NIGP, ECRI, NDA or any other taxonomies.
  • We can classify product data using both custom and proprietary standards.
  • Whenever necessary, we will fill the gaps in product data.
  • We can also classify product data as per the brand, the nature of the product and the manufacturers’ identity.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Product Data Classification Services.