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" is the best thing to happen to our business in a long time. I must confess, the meticulousness and accuracy with which they uploaded all our product data on Google Shopping is hard to come by. While uploading the product feed they also took care to optimize it. Now we are a conspicuous presence on Google Shopping and have been attracting a lot more business than earlier. Try Data4eCom’s services if you are an eStore owner. I am sure they will be as salutary for your business as they have been for mine."

-- Daniel Walker eCommerce entrepreneur

Google Product Feed Upload Services

At we offer efficient and affordable Google Product Feed Upload Services to help you enhance the visibility of your eStore on Google search results and Google Shopping. Intelligently managing Google product feed is a difficult task as it entails the processing of a staggering quantity of data. It is a job best handled by the specialist. At are adept at every aspect of Google product feed upload.

When you make us your Google Product Feed Upload Services partner we will:

  • Create a comprehensive product data feed by entering the product name, product price, product features, brand names, manufacturer’s identity, SKUs, etc. We are extremely meticulous with the task and can perform it with a nearly one hundred percent accuracy.
  • Categorize your products intelligently. Incorrect categorization negatively impacts a product’s visibility on the Google Shopping search results.
  • Capture price, discounts and special offers data from your competitor websites so that you can suitably adjust your own prices and discounts. You will, thus, upload the most competitive prices as a part of your product feed data.
  • Customize the product feed as per the data feed specification of Google Shopping. Greater visibility on Google Shopping means more business. We will help you draw a larger number of shoppers to your eStore website.
  • Optimize your product data feed. We will make your product meta title, meta tags and product descriptions key word rich and SEO friendly. We will take some special care to make your product descriptions unique.
  • Do a thorough keyword research while preparing your product data feed. We will plant only the most paying keywords amid your product descriptions.
  • Enter the additional product attributes such as tax and shipping details, MPN or UPC numbers, etc.
  • Periodically update your product feed data. The attention your product feed data draws from Google Shopping is in direct proportion to its freshness. When you hire our Google Product Feed Upload Services you can choose to have your product feed data updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Perform product feed upload only manually for maximum reliability and compliance with Google Shopping’s data feed specifications.

At we offer Google Product Feed Upload Services at the most economical rates. You will be saving as much as 60% percent on operational costs by making us your outsourcing partner.

When you make us your Google Product Feed Upload Services partner we assign you a Dedicated Project manager who keeps you constantly updated on the progress of the work.

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Google Product Feed Upload Services.