All You Need To Know About Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Sell on Walmart Marketplace

As a retailer, your ultimate goal is to reach a large number of customers and convert them into prospective buyers. But have you ever imagined that you are limiting your product reach by only selling on your own website? In order to reach a global consumer base, you need to start selling on top eCommerce platforms like Walmart. Data shows that eCommerce sales were $2.3 trillion in 2017 and are now predicted to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.

In this Walmart marketplace seller guide, we will discuss every aspect of selling on Walmart Marketplace in detail. Starting off with the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon. We will further elaborate on the Walmart Marketplace cost, business requirements, and eligibility for becoming a Walmart marketplace seller. You will also learn to set up Walmart Marketplace Seller Account, and crucial strategies to optimize your product listings.

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Why Should You Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

As per Fortune Global 500, Walmart solely generated $523,964 million in revenue in 2020. With 385.5 million visitors in 2020, the eCommerce sales on Walmart increased up to 79%. Walmart has now become a spot for thousands of sellers, be it small or large businesses in the USA. The platform consists of numerous categories from electronics to cosmetics. Moreover, unlike other eCommerce platforms, Walmart has lesser competition with huge perks and benefits, that lets you achieve your business goals seamlessly.

There are several other benefits of choosing to Sell on Walmart Marketplace as your go-to platform. So, before we explain how to sell on the Walmart marketplace let’s move further and learn about the pros and cons.

Pros & Cons Os Selling on Walmart
Reach a New Customer Base Strict Price Requirements
Limited Seller Fees Lower Profit Margins
Limitless Product Assortment Smaller Audience of Shoppers
Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) Limited Fulfillment Services
Commission Fee Model Potential Listing Issues
Create Your Own Return Policy
Less Competition

Pros of Selling on Walmart Marketplace

  • Limited Seller Fees
  • Probably the best attraction to sell on the Walmart marketplace is its restricted charges for brands and dealers on its commercial center. Shippers are simply needed to pay a reference expense at whatever point their item is bought. The reference charge contrasts relying upon the item classification;
    8% for video game products, 15% for staple, 20% for jewelry, and the rundown goes on.

  • Limitless Product Assortment
  • Walmart doesn’t restrict dealers in its commercial center to SKU essentials or maximums. Brands and vendors can use their whole index on Walmart Marketplace as long as their items are not on Walmart’s disallowed item list. This element is particularly beneficial for organizations that have a huge item grouping and stock for the entirety of their SKUs.

  • Create Your Own Return Policy
  • Brands and merchants are permitted to make their own merchandise exchange on Walmart Marketplace. Merchants have more power over return conditions and can build up terms that turn out best for their business while being reasonable for their clients.

    At the point when brands and merchants join to sell on Walmart marketplace, they are needed to compose a merchandise exchange that is under 4,000 characters. A merchandise exchange is needed since Walmart’s outsider vendors are answerable for satisfaction and client care.

  • Less Competition than other Marketplace
  • Despite the fact that Walmart Marketplace has more than 70,000 vendors and the number keeps on expanding, it is not even close to the 2.4 million dynamic merchants on Amazon’s commercial center. Walmart having fewer merchants on its foundation than Amazon is positive for brands and dealers as it lessens the opposition.

    Brands and vendors have a superior possibility at winning the Buy Box on Walmart’s commercial center since there are fewer merchants viewing for the position demonstrated to help deals.

  • Reach a New Customer Base
  • Walmart’s commercial center gets 240 million customer visits per week. Walmart’s Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) ensures to grab customers who are hoping to buy things at reasonable rates. Brands and merchants can open their items to another client base when selling on Walmart marketplace that they in any case will be unable to reach on their own site.

  • Commission Fee Model
  • Walmart commercial center doesn’t charge month to month or begin setting up expenses, rather utilizing a class commission charge model. This implies the dealer is charged a reference expense just when they sell a thing. The reference charge’s computation depends on the item posting class however for the most part falls around 15%.

  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)
  • In February of 2020, Walmart presented Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) was presented. Walmart Marketplace stores a dealer’s stock at their stockrooms, packs and ships the thing and deals with customer service and returns also. In the event that a merchant picks this alternative, their items meet all requirements for Walmart’s 2-day transportation and simple return programs too.

Cons of Selling on Walmart Marketplace

  • Strict Price Requirements
  • Walmart is focused on offering shoppers the most reduced value for items in its commercial center. While brands and dealers pick the cost for their items, they should not meddle with Walmart’s Price Parity Rule and Price Leadership Rule.

    Value Parity keeps Walmart marketplace sellers from posting their items at a lower cost on different commercial centers. Value Leadership will eliminate postings if similar items are estimated lower on another commercial center, regardless of whether it is being sold by an alternate dealer. Walmart considers the cost for the items, dispatching, and extra charges.

  • Lower Profit Margins
  • Brands and vendors may have to diminish their item costs on Walmart’s commercial center contrasted with or their own site because of Walmart’s EDLP ensure. In spite of the fact that offering items at a lower rate may build deals volume, vendors will probably see lower net revenues. You ought to likewise take note that Walmart will eliminate postings if a similar item is sold at an essentially higher rate on an alternate commercial center.

  • Customer Traffic is Gradually Increasing
  • While selling on Walmart Marketplace can help brands and dealers arrive at another client base, selling on alone isn’t ideal, as there are fewer customers visiting the commercial center than

  • Limited Fulfillment Services
  • Walmart recently required its third-party vendors to store, fulfill, and transport their own items. Walmart Marketplace lenders were additionally liable for taking care of client support and returns.

    In 2020, Walmart dispatched Walmart Fulfillment Services, which deals with satisfaction, transporting, client care, and profits for the benefit of qualified merchants. Brands and sellers who don’t meet all requirements for Walmart’s satisfaction administration should deal with these parts of their business all alone.

  • Potential Listing Issues
  • Walmart Marketplace sellers may encounter posting issues on Walmart’s commercial center since the retailer works on the early bird gets the worm framework. The vendor to initially list a particular item is focused on dealers selling a similar item with regards to the Buy Box. The best way to beat the first vendor of an item is to offer a lower cost for the item, which will empower the merchant to win the Buy Box.

What is the Cost of Selling on Walmart Marketplace?

1. Referral fees

The Walmart Marketplace Cost “reference expense” goes from 6% – 20% of the item’s gross deals. The specific rate relies upon your item class.

You can see a rundown of reference expenses for every class here, and a breakdown of the Walmart item classifications here. Dealers in the commercial center should pay Walmart a reference expense for each deal, which differs by item class. There are no extra charges.

Cost of selling on Walmart

2. Fulfillment fees

You are responsible for request satisfaction and returns, however, you can select to have Walmart deal with your capacity, pressing, and delivery through their Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). Obviously, this advantages the two dealers and purchasers, by making the cycle quicker and more expense proficient.

Yet, what does Walmart marketplace cost? You’ll pay a month-to-month stockpiling charge just as a fulfillment value which depends on the product’s weight.

Requirements to Become a Walmart Marketplace Seller

There are particular requirements that vendors need to satisfy to turn into a seller on Walmart. On the off chance that you are thinking about Walmart as your selling stage, satisfy the accompanying rules of the Walmart Marketplace seller guide:

  • As a seller on Walmart marketplace, you need to have a distribution center situated in the US with a US Tax ID and a Business Bank Account.
  • You ought to have the option to send orders and receive returns from a Warehouse situated in the US.
  • Walmart works with set up online vendors, so it assists with having some business experience. Regardless, you ought to essentially have a year’s experience of astounding execution in the US Marketplace.
  • You ought to likewise have the option to give the UPC or GTIN code for each SKU.
  • Customer service, convincing product categories, competitive pricing, and quick fulfillment are fundamental necessities. These should be worked upon before you consider turning into a Walmart merchant.

Steps to Setup Walmart Marketplace Seller Account


You must be wondering how to sell on Walmart marketplace easily? To start selling on as an approved Walmart Seller, you will need to complete a five-step approval process:

  • Application
  • Contract
  • Registration
  • Onboarding
  • Final Review

1. Apply to Be a Walmart Marketplace Seller

To sell on Walmart marketplace, the principal thing you need to do is to

Apply for a Walmart Marketplace seller account

  • Go to
  • Click the Apply button on the upper right.
  • Or you can get to the application structure straightforwardly on commercial center
  • The application structure takes around 10 to 15 minutes to finish. You’ll kick it off by rounding out your fundamental contact data.

Then, at that point comes the great part–you’ll have to supply different insights regarding your business to legitimately follow the commercial center. For instance, your organization needs to give the legitimate organization name, charge ID, yearly deals income, and other basic business data.

Starting here, you’ll need to educate Walmart concerning your item collection. This piece of the structure expects you to enter insights regarding your top classifications and what you really sell.

Furthermore, sellers need to unveil their income and SKUs for every class.

On the off chance that you have a web store, be prepared to give essential data about where and how you sell your items. For instance, you’ll be approached to indicate the quantity of dynamic SKUs you have on special just as different commercial centers on which you’re selling, like Amazon, eBay, and so on

At long last, you need to respond to inquiries regarding your activities. Start by entering the level of SKUs you own versus the SKUs you outsource and satisfy with the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

Then, at that point, you will have gotten some information about your delivery techniques and client merchandise exchange.

When you present the structure, the Walmart Marketplace group surveys your data and reaches out to your business about the situation with your application.

How Long Does Walmart Take For Approval Process?

After you present your application, the Walmart group surveys the application altogether, which as a rule requires around fourteen days. Then, at that point, one of their Business Development Managers interfaces with you to assist you with their check interaction.

On the off chance that you are supported, you will consent to their Retailer Arrangement and start your onboarding. The whole cycle takes about a month.

2. Complete Your Registration as Amazon seller

On the off chance that your application is supported, you’ll get an email from Walmart welcoming you to finish your enrollment. Normally, the email will look something like this:

To make this piece of the interaction simpler, have the accompanying data convenient:

  • Your business address
  • Bank account details (for deposits from Walmart)
  • Business information required for IRS form W-9

Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to finish your enlistment with the accompanying advances to start selling on walmart marketplace:

  • Create Your Account
  • The initial phase in the enrollment interaction is to make your record. Walmart will consequently create your username dependent on the information you entered in the underlying Marketplace application.

    Notwithstanding, you’ll need to think of a passcode that you’ll use to sign in to your record, add new items and beware of deals.

  • Company Registration
  • Here, you’ll enter your showcase name, which is the name individuals see when they shop on Walmart’s site. Furthermore, you’ll need to enter your corporate location, which is just for Walmart’s interior use.

  • W-9 Completion
  • In the subsequent stage, you should furnish Walmart with a Form W-9. This permits Walmart to give your business 1099 toward the year’s end.

  • Payment Details
  • Next up on your enrollment is setting up the installment subtleties. Walmart has collaborated with Payoneer as its installment processor for Marketplace buys. To get installments from Walmart, you need to enlist for a record on the Payoneer site.

    Whenever that is done, you’ll be diverted to Walmart’s Seller Center. Note that your status in Walmart’s Seller Center will stay “Idle” while your Payoneer enrollment is forthcoming. This should just require a couple of moments, however. After you register for a Payoneer account, you’ll get an affirmation email in a matter of seconds.

  • Shipping Information
  • When your installment affirmation is finished, you will need to set up your delivery subtleties. This permits Walmart to charge the right expenses. Be that as it may, to do this, you initially need to choose two valuing models:

The Price of the Total Order: With this alternative, you will charge delivery dependent on the all out cost of the request.

The Number of Item(s) Weight: If you pick this choice, you will charge delivery depending on the heaviness of the items and additionally the number of things that should be transported.

Subsequent to setting the valuing model, indicate the transportation techniques and districts you support. The four default transporting strategies include:

  • Value
  • Standard
  • Next Day
  • Expedited

Then, at that point, you need to choose the delivery areas under every strategy.

Walmart likewise allows you to set travel time essentials and maximums for every strategy and locale mixes. Mull over this with your present online deals and what works for you.

In the wake of rounding out your transportation subtleties, you can audit your settings and snap submit.

Get Help Setting Up Your Walmart Seller Account

Free Sample

3. Complete Your Partner Profile

Further, in this Walmart Marketplace seller guide, you will learn to complete the partner profile. Since you’ve effectively enlisted, you can sign into Walmart’s Seller Center and complete your Partner Profile. The Partner Profile discloses to Walmart customers about your organization and your approaches.

To help you alongside this cycle, we’ll examine the segments you need to finish to get your profile ready to sell on Walmart marketplace.

  • Add Your Company Info
  • In this segment, you’ll enter your dealer show name, transfer your image logo and add a short organization depiction.

  • Set Your Customer Service Policies
  • Next up are the insights concerning your client care arrangements. You’ll have to add your client assistance contact subtleties for your new clients. This incorporates things like your client assistance telephone number, email, and most ideal approaches to reach you for help. Also, you need to incorporate the client care strategy data you’d like customers to know.

  • Pick Shipping Options
  • This segment allows you to submit your shipping rates, processing schedule, and shipping policies.

  • Decide Your Returns Policy
  • There’s additionally a segment for returns, in which you indicate your methods, arrangements, and charges related to item returns. It’s keen to consider the measure of profits you ordinarily see and how you intend to deal with things returning to you both on Walmart and your own site.

  • Add Your Privacy Policy
  • Next is the Privacy Policy segment. This offers you the chance to share how you keep customer information secure.

  • Input Your Specific Sales Tax Information
  • Customers might be charged deals when buying your items. To guarantee that clients know about their business charge, you need to give your assessment approaches and offer subtleties on the locales in which you may have a business charge commitment. You’ll likewise have to determine charge codes for each upheld dispatching technique you pick.

4. Add Your Products to the Walmart Marketplace

You’ve wrapped up your Seller Profile—amazing! Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to add the items you need to sell on Walmart Marketplace. You can set up your things through various coordination techniques. They include:

API: This is the best strategy if your group has programming information and you’re setting up a huge index on Walmart.

Mass Upload: In this technique, you make Excel bookkeeping pages containing your things to mass transfer to Walmart. This is a decent alternative for merchants who have a restricted list.

Single Item: With this technique, you’ll enter your item subtleties straightforwardly into the Seller Center UI. This strategy is suggested in case you’re setting your initial not many things or potentially in the event that you have an exceptionally restricted item combination.

Arrangement Provider: There are various arrangement suppliers who can assist you with dealing with your postings on Walmart Marketplace. You can decide to work with one of Walmart’s supported arrangement suppliers to deal with your postings for you.

Ensure you get your work done prior to picking a Walmart Marketplace arrangements supplier. There are a few administrations that are custom-made to explicit items, which could be useful for your image.

5. Preview Your Items & Place Test Orders

After the thing arrangement stage, review what your content and valuing will resemble to customers. This is a basic advance toward getting what your customers will see.

In the event that you’ve set up your things utilizing Bulk Item Setup or REST APIs, you’ll need to check the Feed Status of your things. Here you will need to guarantee your items were gone into the framework accurately. Whenever you’ve affirmed, click on the Complete Item and Order Testing to join in the Launch Checklist.

Strategies to Optimize Your Product Listings on Walmart & Boost Sales

Optimize Walmart Listings

Going forward in the Walmart marketplace seller guide, let’s learn the different strategies to optimize your product listings on the Walmart marketplace.

1. Focus on Your SEO Efforts

To optimize your product listings and enhance the probability of showing them on search results—both on Walmart’s site and various other search engines—you need to comprehend the segments of your Walmart posting that are labeled for search. You can also leverage Walmart Marketplace Management Services to enhance customer experience by streamlining the catalog processing as per the Walmart guidelines.

Web optimization is a basic viewpoint toward product listings along with adding the items on Walmart. First of all, emphasis on these item perspectives that are labeled for search:

  • Product Name
  • Images
  • Key Features
  • Description
  • Attributes

To boost your perceivability, improve every one of these parts for SEO–here’s the ticket:

  • Product Name
  • Your item name ought to compactly portray the thing you’re selling. Walmart suggests keeping your item names between 50 to 75 characters to advance coherence and SEO results.

    Walmart suggests following this organization when entering your item name:

    Example- Brand + Clothing Size Group (if relevant) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if appropriate) + Pack Count

  • Images
  • Transfer various pictures to exhibit everything in numerous points. On the off chance include rich content formats, for example, recordings that give customers a brief look at the item in real life.

    Doing as such allows clients to see precisely the thing they’re getting. Thus, this gives clients trust in their purchasing choice and the way to buy. Photo editing services for eCommerce can help create an amazon first impression on the consumers, thus making a positive impact on their buying decision.

  • Descriptions
  • The creative product description writing can help you attract and inform customers concerning the highlights and advantages of your items. For best outcomes, compose item depictions that are something like 150 words.

    To additionally advance the content for SEO, ensure that the item name, brand, and applicable catchphrases are available in the depiction, however, don’t try too hard! The key is to coordinate keywords in a characteristic and intelligible manner.

  • Key Features
  • In the About This Item segment, add 3 to 10 item features or key highlights. This will give customers an outline of the item.

    Get down on explicit item subtleties and put the main highlights first. Furthermore, actually like with the itemized portrayal, you’ll need to normally remember a few keywords for this part.

  • Attributes
  • To guarantee your things appear on the most significant list items on, make certain to indicate every one of the applicable characteristics when setting up your items. To see which ones are applicable to your items, look for your things on, and check the left-hand board for a rundown of characteristics.

2. Win the Buy Box

In this next tip, everything’s about the purchase box. In the event that your items are additionally sold by others, Walmart will introduce those things on a solitary item Page. This permits the client to pick the dealer when they purchase.

  • While Walmart gives customers the alternative to see postings from different vendors, the thin page will conspicuously show one merchant’s posting in the Buy Box. What’s more, this is the segment of the page that contains the Add to Cart button.
  • The merchant that “wins” the Buy Box commonly wins the deal since it’s included all the more conspicuously on the page. Consequently, you ought to endeavor to claim the Buy Box to be a successful Walmart marketplace seller at whatever point conceivable.
  • Doing that includes two things:
    • Keep your costs serious (counting delivering): Walmart ordinarily shows the least expensive posting in the Buy Box, so merchants with the most cutthroat costs win.
    • Have enough things in stock: Your thing will not show up on the Buy Box on the off chance that you come up short on a sound item stock. Screen your stock levels and keep them refreshed in the Seller Center.
    • To sort out if your items are winning the Buy Box, produce a Buy Box Report from the Seller Center. This report offers a mass rundown of your things and shows which ones have won the Buy Box.
    • The report is refreshed every 30 minutes, so it’s anything but a close to continuous perspective on your Buy Box status.

3. Advertise on Walmart

One of the important aspects we suggest when asked how to sell on the Walmart marketplace is advertising the right way. Advertisements are an extraordinary method to advance your items on above natural outcomes. There are a few reasons why venders ought to promote at Walmart:

  • Expanded perceivability and discoverability through publicizing helps with a natural presence on
  • New dealers and items can drive deals by promoting
  • Battling or low performing SKUs can further develop perceivability
  • Occasional items can exploit irregularity spikes, quicker
  • All included/supported item segments work on an expense for every snap (CPC) estimating model.
  • Sponsors are charged just when a client taps on the promotion and is sent to the advertisement’s point of arrival.

Final Thoughts

With lots of options in the online sphere, it might be challenging to choose the one marketplace that aligns with your goals. The core thing to consider is whatever platform you select, it should enhance your product visibility and reach a wider audience. Walmart is one such marketplace that will help you connect with a large audience by effectively listing your products online. If you are new to the Walmart marketplace or looking for Walmart store management Services, we are here to assist. Our experts help in optimizing your product catalogs, product categorization, along with customer support for eCommerce stores for an effective online presence.

For more information, contact us (UK) +44 203 514 2601, (US) +1 585 283 0055 or write to us at

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