Exclusive Tips For Getting Reviews on Amazon and Ways To Tackle Negative Feedback

how to get product reviews on amazon

With various businesses booming online, eCommerce platforms have taken over a huge place especially the Amazon marketplace. Now, what triggers or impacts buyers while making a purchase? The answer is Amazon product reviews. Reviews are often neglected but it’s a huge part of online shopping, it influences ranking, sales, and profit.

No matter how excellent your product is, customers will first head to the review section and get other shopper’s perspectives before deciding to buy the item. Although getting reviews on Amazon is not an easy task for sellers. In this guide, we will discuss the concept of how to get product reviews on amazon, how it benefits your business, the algorithm of calculating Amazon product ratings. Further, we will discuss factors that can hamper the impact of your reviews, powerful tips on how to get reviews on Amazon, how to deal with negative reviews, and Amazon policies while requesting reviews.

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Brief Intro To Amazon Reviews

An Amazon review is conveyed through a specific rating and a message that displays on the product page. Customers post reviews after receiving a product and based on a five-star scale, reviews are captured in a written or just star rating form.

Buyers have the choice of writing an explained review or just rate the product based on a scale of 0-5. Amazon has numerous categories of products and customers across the globe, people shop and posts reviews which are further read by other customers and it affects their customer decisions. People often go through the reviews before making a purchase as it turns out to be more customer-oriented information.

Let’s move further and understand the importance of getting reviews on Amazon with the help of Amazon review services.

Why Do You Need Amazon Customer Reviews?

Why Do You Need Amazon Customer Reviews


1. Faster Conversion Rate

Genuine reviews attract buyers as it increases your product visibility by boosting your organic search ranking. It further increases your overall sales. Products with more reviews and not to forget positive reviews are likely to receive more clicks.

2. Improvises Your Product Listing

Not all the reviews are against your product, some are useful in improvising your product listings. Several times, customers come up with suggestions that might help you in enhancing your service, listings, or content.

3. Identify New Product Opportunities

Reviews often provide you insights that you might be missing out on. For example, analyzing Amazon product reviews from different customers across the globe will help you understand buyer perspectives and demands. This might help you launch a new product line or a whole set of ranges to grow your business.

4. Redefines Your Inventory Planning

If you are receiving a whole bunch of positive reviews on Amazon, it can be a sign that it’s high time to restock your products to avoid hitting the dead-end in terms of stocks.

5. Ensures Customer Satisfaction

How do you know whether your product is performing outstanding or way too low, it is through Amazon product reviews. Reviews help you understand that buyers are liking specific products and specific services from your brand. This will further add value to your business and fix any loopholes.

6. Guides Buyers in Making a Purchase

Buyers are more likely to go through reviews before making a purchase on Amazon. As buyers cannot physically inspect every item available online, reviews are the only way through which they can get a sense of understanding and information from other shoppers.

7. More Scope For Organic Amazon Search Rankings

Regular and more reviews increase the chances of your product getting ranked on top of the search results which is basically enhanced organic search ranking. Higher the rank, more sales, and greater ROI.

How Amazon Calculates Product Ratings?

To increase the credibility rate of Amazon product reviews, they are now being categorized as verified and unverified reviews. Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces with thousands of sellers and an endless number of products. It indicates how tough it would be to calculate a product rating. So, the average finding is considered to be the final rating of the product. The calculation further depends on the following factors:

  • Review age
  • Reviewer profile (number of reviews, the average rating of reviews left, etc.)
  • Verified or unverified
  • Rating vs written review

Actions That Can Hamper Your Amazon Account

Often sellers go beyond the edges to get Amazon product reviews which is a big no. Amazon has certain policies and guidelines that should be strictly followed by every seller otherwise their account may get temporarily suspended or blocked. The factors that can get your account in trouble are:

  • Posting reviews on your own.
  • Posting negative or fake reviews on a competitor’s website.
  • Feeding customers with discounts in order to write positive reviews.

Considering all the above factors that you need to avoid, you must be wondering how to get reviews on Amazon. Let’s go further and learn the best ways to get Amazon reviews.

Powerful Tips for Getting More Amazon Reviews

Powerful Tips for Getting More Amazon Reviews

Reviews play an essential role and largely impacts customer buying decision, so here are some best way to get amazon reviews:

1. Simple Yet Effective- Use Amazon Review Feature

A personalized experience is the need of the hour not only in terms of products but also for asking for reviews or feedback. If you have just started selling on Amazon and do not have enough Amazon seller reviews to showcase, the best way to get amazon reviews is to simply ask customers to post a review or you can also opt for Amazon review services.

But how to get product reviews on Amazon? A simple email won’t make a difference neither would it sound convincing. Create a strong and compelling message probably in a humble tone. Do not command! Most of the shoppers do not bother to leave a review, but you can convince them by sending a personalized mail shown below:

Ask for reviews through eMail


Since getting reviews has become a tedious task, there’s a sigh of relief for sellers now as Amazon has introduced the ‘Amazon review feature’. Once you select the “Request a Review” button, a default email will be sent ONLY to the customers who are likely to post positive reviews.

Bonus tips

  • Analyze and send the ask for review mail only when the probability of getting the response is high.
  • Be aware of time zones, national holidays, and more as customers might not be able to respond or more likely neglect your mail.

2. Optimize Amazon Product Listings

What triggers search results on Amazon? The A9 algorithm makes sure that your products are ranking as per the relevancy and probability. For the algorithm to work efficiently, you need to create top-notch product descriptions that contain relevant keywords in the title and body of the content. The experienced Amazon product description writers can precisely and clearly explain the goal of your product affects the buyers purchasing decision to a huge extent. It also boosts your ranking and visibility which leads to more sales and more reviews.

3. Insert a Personalized Letter With Product Parcel

  • Customers may or may not have a soft corner for your brand and products, but what makes you different is when you make them fall in love with your services. And the only way to do so is to think differently and come up with new strategies to ask for Amazon product reviews.
  • Every other seller is sending personalized emails to get reviews on Amazon, but how about sending a personalized letter along with the product package. Such gestures create trust and loyalty among customers and also enhance your brand reputation.
  • You can write a customized hand note thanking them for the purchase and then elaborate on how their single review is precious and valuable.

Product Inside Letter


4. Facebook Bot To Your Rescue

The bot is considered to be the most interactive way of advertisement, it eliminates the communication barrier between the buyer and the seller. Here’s how it works:

  • The ads pop up while people are scrolling through Facebook and the message shows up in a way that it is trying to initiate a conversation.
  • Once it catches user attention, the ad gets clicked and the conversation begins.
  • More the questions, more the customer engagement.
  • The ultimate aim is to provide valuable information to your customers to turn them into buyers.
  • You can continue keeping the conversation interesting by sending product videos.

Here’s how the conversation will look like.

Facebook Chat Bot for Reviews

5. Deliver Impeccable Customer Service

  • Customer reviews are a lot based on the level of your customer service. It creates a huge difference in getting positive Amazon product reviews. Interacting with your customers and knowing their perspective is crucial, it will help you enhance your product reach and create trust among the customers.
  • Whenever your customer support team resolves an issue or addresses a query, customers are in a happy state of mind. That’s when you should ask for a review.
  • Fast response is a huge deal-breaker when it comes to online shopping and is one of the major factors that customers look out for. Make sure your customer support team is fully equipped and active to address customer queries in the most instant way possible.

Do Not Panic- Hacks To Tackle Negative Reviews

  • Negative reviews can put a bad mark on your business but do not get upset or give up on your product or brand. Take these reviews on a good note and figure out what’s actually causing them frequently.
  • Do not respond to the negative reviews rudely. Make sure to revert customers in a professional and humble manner. This way you save the chance of losing a potential customer.
  • Do not tolerate reviews having ‘abusive or inappropriate’ language and make sure to report it to Amazon and they will remove it soon.
  • Amazon seller reviews can be your tool to rectify mistakes that might go unseen. Identify the pattern and fix it as soon as possible.
  • Often product descriptions do not convey the exact message about the product. Make sure to refresh the content regularly.

Maximize Your Business Efficiency With Amazon Review Writing Services

Product reviews are the most effective ways to draw potential buyers and promote your product quickly. No doubt, customers firstly go through the reviews before making a purchase. A good product review is a path to get more sales hence, writing a quality review is very important.

However, writing an impactful and informative review is not a piece of cake. Hence, we offer Amazon review writing services and our experts make sure to deliver reviews that turn clicks into sales.


Reviews are one of the essential factors that drive customers to buy your product. Now that you know all the tips and hacks or how to get reviews on Amazon, implementing those strategies might be tricky if you are not an expert. However, we have also listed various ways to handle negative feedback. Unless you have Amazon SEO experts by your side, it might get challenging to fulfill all the requirements to capture reviews.

Therefore, our highly skilled team of review writing experts assists sellers in promoting their products through the Amazon marketplace. We provide informative, quality, and persuasive Amazon product reviews to build a credible online presence. To get your reviews written, contact our experts at +44 203 514 2601, (US) +1 585 283 0055, or write to us at info@data4ecom.com

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