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"Data4eCom uploaded our product data upon eBay in keeping with its product feed specifications. They accomplished the project in a remarkably brief duration. The professionalism of their Project Managers was very heartening. I am sure going to continue this partnership."

-- Jason Hall eCommerce Store Owner

eBay Product Upload

High-quality, high-impact listings for your eBay inventory can definitely improve your chances of catching the attention of your eBay buyers.

Our expert eBay product upload professionals at can help you prepare your product listings for sale at eBay. We can support you in creating items for products already cataloged on the eBay site in addition to listing completely new items by using Excel Spreadsheet or CSV feeds for bulk uploads and managing product listings. We can list your items either at a fixed price or set up an auction. We are experienced in using listing software, such as:

  • Turbo Lister
  • Auctiva
  • Vendio
  • Blackthorne

Our key eBay Product Listing Services include:

Including the Recommended Item Specifics While Uploading Products on eBay

  • We correctly feeding in with all the essential information like SKU, product ID, item type, title, brand, manufacturer, search terms, product tax code, product description and images along with other item attributes, etc. to help you list your products to eBay. We can upload a single product or multiple products in one go, with equal ease.
  • Apart from adding specifics related with features and attributes, we also ensure that your listings show up in specialized, precise searches by including the condition of your product, which usually is among the top purchasing criteria for your buyers.
  • We group multiple matching or corresponding items into single, multi-variation listings to make it easy and systematic for your buyers to look through vast quantities of listings

Including Unique Identifiers

We include unique product identifiers like:

  • Universal Product Codes (UPCs)
  • European Article Numbers (EANs)
  • International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
  • Manufacturer's Part Numbers (MPNs)

To help you create more complete listing descriptions, we thoroughly research and use product details from eBay’s catalogue as and when applicable.

Categorizing Products in eBay Catalog

We support you organize the products in your eBay catalog by allocating category, subcategory and type to them. We help you add, eliminate, edit and reorganize categories, and eventually assign products to your catalog as per the category mappings.

Writing Effective Titles, Beside Listing in the Correct Category

Besides adding the category name in the title, we make sure to exactly specify what your product is, and incorporate item-specific attributes and relevant background.

eBay Product image Editing and Uploading

Uploading great-quality photos in your eBay listings not only represent your products most accurately but also increase both sales and customer satisfaction. eBay Product Image Editing services include:

  • A plain, clear or white image background with uncluttered backdrop
  • Accurate colors and scale
  • High-quality image resolution
  • In sync with eBay’s suggested dimensions, file type
  • Detailed close-up shots and multiple angles conforming to eBay’s product image guidelines of main and supporting images

Setting up eBay Product Price

We support you in registering the

  • Current price and sale price for your products
  • Start and finish date, whenever applicable
  • Lowest advertised price, in case suggested by the manufacturer

Tracking Competitor Prices

To ensure that you are selling your products at a competitive rate, we keep an eye on your competitors’ prices and keep you posted in real-time to help you re-adjust your own to stay on top in both fixed-price and auction listings.

eBay Inventory Management

Inventory management acquires a critical significance as it determines the fulfillment latency and gives insight into lead-time required for shipping a given item from the date of order, besides specifying the restock dates. We at help you update the current stock levels of your products while listing on eBay.

Contact to discuss your specific requirements concerning eBay Product Listings and see how we can customize our services to meet your needs.