How Well-Edited and Attractive Product Images Help You Sell Online?


A picture is worth a thousand words. This notion certainly stands true in the eCommerce domain. Without the ability to hold, touch, smell, taste or handle the products they intend to buy, online shoppers rely on the product images while making a purchase. So, when visitors stop by your online store, you must present them with clear, attractive and well-edited photos that drive their confidence and compel them to complete the purchase. Certainly, product images are not just a visually-enticing addition; they are a requisite for success of an online store.

So, how should the images be edited to help you drive traffic and increase online sales?

Image cropping and resizing: The image must be cropped and resized perfectly to get thumbnail, normal and zoom view. All the unwanted objects, borders and blank spaces must be removed from the images to give a focused view to the shoppers.

Noise reduction: If your images are grainy, you must eliminate luminance and color noise so that they look clear and create a better viewer experience.

Background removal: An unclear image background can distract the viewers from the key object. So, they must be removed and replaced with a clear background without affecting the image quality.

Color correction: You must adjust color, contrast and brightness of the photos to ensure that they look vibrant and lively.

Photo retouching: To leave an ever lasting impact on your visitors, you must bring out the true essence of the image by removing lens glare, spots, blemishes and scratches from it.

Watermark removal: If a logo or watermark signature is imposed on your product images, you must remove it. Rather, you must add your company’s logo to stop unauthorized reuse of the image.

Additionally, you can also re-write the titles of the product images by incorporating relevant keywords, thus optimizing the images for the web and gaining a better rank in search engine results.

With well-edited and high-quality product images, you can not only persuade customers to buy your products but also build brand image and gain a competitive edge in the market. The clearer and attractive your images will look to the visitors, the more confident they will be while purchasing from you and the better your conversion rate will be.

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Data4eCom provides high-quality image editing services to online merchants to help them boost conversion rates.

Our experienced photo editors use advanced tools and software to edit and enhance picture quality by adding or removing an unwanted object from the image, changing background, adjusting color, contrast and brightness, removing red eye, creating shadows, adding company’s logo or watermark, adding/ removing border, resizing photo and performing other operations as per the requirement.

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