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"Thank you for your ongoing support of our online store build. Please know that we genuinely appreciate your efforts and can attribute a good deal of our online success to your product population work. While I realize it is not the most glamorous task, it truly is important to our business."

-- Kyle Goldstone Co-founder, eCommerce Store for Car Parts & Accessories, USA

Amazon Product Description Writing / Copywriting Services

Because online shoppers can’t physically touch your products and an image is never quite enough!

Data4eCom provides effective Amazon product description writing services to help eCommerce entrepreneurs bridge the gap between product catalog and sales. Our copywriters create original, persuasive and precise product descriptions for your Amazon store in tune with the marketplace’s guidelines, helping prospective customers differentiate your products from thousands offered by competitors, and make informed buying decision.

With our SEO copywriting services, we optimize the product descriptions with relevant and mostly-searched keywords, ensuring that the copy is optimized for Google as well as Amazon’s internal search engine to help you rank higher, drive traffic and augment product sales. Our experts also update the content at regular intervals to ensure that the descriptions are accurate and up-to-date.

Our copywriters hold expertise in writing product descriptions for diverse industry verticals such as apparels & accessories, electronic equipment, jewellery, gifts & toys, furniture, healthcare, luxury watches, baby products, etc.

Data4eCom’s Catalog Copywriting Services: Key Features

Product descriptions written by our copywriters include:

  • Unique and engaging product title: As part of Amazon product description writing services, our copywriters create original, to-the-point and engaging product titles that captures customer’s attention.
  • Bullet points that provide bite-sized information to customers: As per the guidelines of, our copywriters create five bullet points that highlight product benefits in brief.
  • Pithy and interesting product descriptions: We write easy-to-read and compelling product descriptions that describe product features in detail and compel customers to click the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Brand and manufacturer’s information: We provide brand and manufacturer’s details to help online shoppers differentiate the similar products offered by competitors.

Furthermore, to ensure that there are no factual, typographical, grammatical and spelling errors in the descriptions, our professionals proofread the copies and help you gain better rank in search results through product description writing services. We also use anti-plagiarism tool like Copyscape to make sure that the descriptions are original and 100% plagiarism free.

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