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"Thank you for your ongoing support of our online store build. Please know that we genuinely appreciate your efforts and can attribute a good deal of our online success to your product population work. While I realize it is not the most glamorous task, it truly is important to our business."

-- Kyle Goldstone Co-founder, eCommerce Store for Car Parts & Accessories, USA

“We are happy to have Data4eCom as our outsourcing partner for Amazon product listing optimization services. Ever since we outsourced our work to the company, we have witnessed significant improvement in our business. The staff performed remarkably well and delivered the project quickly. Great job!”

-- Claude Reyes eCommerce entrepreneur, USA

Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services

Helping you sell more than ever before!

If you are an online merchant, and focusing entirely on Google alone, then you are perhaps overlooking a huge opportunity. Amazon gets approximately thrice more search volume for products, compared to Google. It’s time you leveraged the largest online retail search engine – Amazon, by optimizing your product listings.

Amazon's algorithm works differently than Google. Therefore, the process of optimizing Amazon by creating effective product listings can be best done by skilled and experienced professionals.

Data4eCom houses a team of Amazon SEO specialists, besides product entry experts, who work in tune with Amazon's organic ranking algorithm to create and optimize product detail pages for search results, thus enabling online merchants to position their products in front of millions of Amazon customers across the globe.

Data4eCom’s Amazon SEO/Marketing Services: Key Features

While focusing on Amazon Marketing Services, we employ a result-driven approach to optimize your product pages, gain better rank in Amazon and help you achieve operational excellence.

Our team of SEO experts works as an extension of the client’s in-house team, analyzes their products and conducts a thorough research on high-volume keywords that must be added to the content to boost product rankings. Further, we optimize the product information by incorporating the keywords relevant to you and creating customized attributes for each item, thus ensuring that your products get higher rank among the competitors, attract maximum traffic and increase conversion rates. Our experts provide accurate and up-to-date product data so that your items remain on top when customers use the search query to find products.

We lay special emphasis on the following elements to optimize your Amazon webstore and boost your rankings in search results:

Search Terms

As Amazon allows merchants to include additional five search terms while uploading products, our professionals use relevant and unique search terms in each section to ensure that the products appear on top when customers search for them.

Browse Nodes

To further facilitate product search, we use at least two browse nodes that help in distinguishing and identifying your merchandise in a specific product category/sub-category.

Filter Fields

To position your products in front of the customers even when they filter search results using the list of attributes, we fill out each category of fields such as color, size, material, price range, etc. For example: To tell Amazon that a white bag is white, we fill out the color map field and make sure that it is included when a user refines the results to only show white bags.


This is used to represent the brand field. To ensure that customers see all your products while they search for your brand, our professionals include the brand name in the field-keywords parameter.

Product Title and Subtitle

To further help customers easily find your products, we create original, descriptive yet precise product titles and subtitles that are optimized with relevant keywords. We include item name, brand name, series, model number, product’s size and color along with a captivating message to increase click-through-rate and conversions.

Product Descriptions

Our experts create unique, informative, engaging and to-the-point product descriptions, containing mostly searched keywords and helping you boost visibility and rank in Amazon’s internal search engine. To convince the customers to click the ‘buy’ button, our skilled copywriters create optimized bullet points for ‘above the fold’ section and detailed description for ‘below the fold’ section.

Meta Description

Meta tags help in better ranking and to influence the user’s decision to click on the title tag. So, our experts create original and concise Meta descriptions that contain important details and relevant keywords in the right density.


Following Amazon’s image guidelines, we upload product images that are larger than 1000x1000 pixels. This also facilitates the zoom features and helps in increasing conversions.

Product Reviews

As online shoppers prefer reading product reviews before making buying decisions, we ensure that your product detail pages contain unbiased and credible reviews and ratings. Our highly proficient and experienced writers use easy-to-understand language to create informative reviews that highlight product features and benefits, discuss pricing and provide a comprehensive conclusion that persuades readers to complete the purchase.

Besides employing the aforementioned techniques, our professionals also make sure that the product detail pages contain compelling search terms, unique content and other relevant information including manufacturer’s details, product availability status, product attributes, sizes, quantity, etc. Furthermore, we perform social media marketing to enhance your presence across the globe.

Why Choose Data4eCom?

While marketplaces like Amazon are a great way to augment product sale, we believe that eCommerce entrepreneurs can boost their profit margins with the right partner.

At Data4eCom, we deliver tailored solutions that exactly match client’s business requirements and help them position their merchandise in front of the target audience. Our experts use advanced software including Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Vendio, Blackthorne to create effective listings. They are well-trained and hold extensive experience in this domain. As a sister company of SunTec India, we conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 to deliver high-quality services and maintain data confidentiality.

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